The largest salt block manufacturer in Iran

salt block manufacturer

The largest salt block manufacturer in Iran, for water purification and resin reduction, mineral blocks for cattle in india, bulk salt blocks, livestock salt.

What is the reason for using salt in industry?

Molded rock salt is one of the samples of stones produced for industries; In the following, you will become more familiar with this type of rock salt and its application in industries.

We are all familiar with the use of salt in the food industry and we know that salt is needed to produce a variety of canned foods, pickles, pickles, sauces, dairy products, snacks such as puffs, chips and potato slices, etc. It is interesting to know that only 10% of the salt extracted from the mines is used for the direct production of table salt.

The remaining 90% of the types of rock salt for various industries including petrochemical industry, oil industry, textile industry, acid production, detergent production, cosmetics production, health materials production, oil industry, lubrication, construction materials production, pharmaceutical industry, Used in medicine, disinfectant production, military industry, etc.

There are many reasons for the use of salt in industry; For example, rock salt is used in industry as a raw material or in some cases as an accelerator of chemical reactions or a catalyst.

One of the reasons for using rock salt in the production of construction materials is their use as a reinforcement. For example, in the production of concrete, rock salt is used to increase the resistance of concrete to cold.

salt block manufacturer

Application of salt block

Cut rock salt is one of the types of industrial rock salt that has various uses; For example, cut rock salt is used as a salt brick. Salt bricks are used in the construction of salt treatment clinics and salt rooms.

For decorating home, workplace, salt treatment room, massage room, yoga salon and bedroom, you can use a variety of molded and cut salt stones.

Another application of molded or cut rock salt is as a feed for livestock and birds.

The advantage of  salt block

Molded rock salt is the result of cutting rock salt, in which case we in the Halito collection cut the rock salt therapy, which has many benefits.

For example molded rock salt for:

  • Dialysis machine purification
  • Resin resuscitation
  • Purification of water tanks
  • Use as animal feed (abroad)

It is widely used, the most important advantage of which is very easy to transport and occupy a minimum of space, but in terms of price it is higher than rock salt.

salt block manufacturer

The largest salt block manufacturer

Fortunately, Iran is a rich country in terms of salt mines; On the other hand, factories and centers for the production and processing of rock salt in Iran are very active and this has made Iran self-sufficient in the production of molded rock salt.

salt block manufacturer

Halito rock salt company is the largest producer of molded and cut rock salt and a variety of salt bricks in different sizes.

Source: Halito rock salt company

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