Semnan rock salt export to India

Semnan rock salt

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Export of Semnan salt rock to India, orange, pink and red rock salt, 1 ton jumbo bag packaging, possibility of delivery to the mine door, delivery to Bandar Abbas wharf, monthly supply and packaging capacity of 1500 tons.

Benefits of Semnan pink rock salt

The city of Semnan, having many salt mines, is one of the prominent cities in the field of salt production and exploitation. Different types of rock salt can be found in Semnan province. Semnan salt stone has many advantages that we will examine.

Semnan pink salt is rich in iron. It is rarely found in the world. There is a type of this salt in the Himalayas. Semnan pink rock salt is effective in relieving muscle cramps. This rock salt is one of the best methods in treating digestive problems. A solution of water and rock salt can be very effective in removing toxins through the skin and fatty tissues.

Pink rock salt is an effective factor in regulating the amount of water in the body. Semnan salt rock can be effective in consolidating and strengthening bones and is considered one of the useful solutions for strengthening the skin and various tissues of the body.

Semnan rock salt

Semnan edible salt factory

Iran has pink salt rock resources in Semnan province. The most useful type of salt is pink salt, which is very expensive due to its scarcity. In addition to having Semnan rock salt mines, Semnan province also has equipped factories for exploitation and processing of extracted rock salt. Pink salts have edible and therapeutic uses. For this reason, they have a good sales market inside and outside the country. Sale of Semnan salt inside Iran is usually wholesale and retail. Bulk purchase is economically more affordable for buyers of this type of rock salt.

Semnan rock salt

Semnan rock salt supplier

Semnan salt rock is available in pink, blue, etc., each color is due to the presence of specific minerals and salts. As a result, various therapeutic uses can be counted for stones. These therapeutic uses have provided the basis for the export of rock salt.

Semnan rock salt

Due to its high quality and high quality, Semnan salt has many fans in different parts of the world, and this factor has provided the basis for the export of Semnan salt. The export of Semnan pink rock salt can greatly contribute to the country’s economic growth and foreign exchange. Many salt processing factories have been established in Semnan province. This factor has provided the leading export in the country.

Source: Halito rock salt company

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