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decor rock salt

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Where to put rock salt in the house?

Today, rock salt is used to make various decorative items. But we need to know where to put decorative rock salt to benefit from its properties.

Decorative salt stone has different colors such as blue, white, red, pink, orange. However, most decorative items are made with orange and white color of this mineral.

To use the properties of these stones, we should place them in the parts of the house where we spend more hours. People can put these rock salts in places where most electronic devices are located.

Flowers and plants cause relaxation and people can increase this effect by placing different colors of rock salt next to them.

People can absorb moisture, make the place cleaner and more beautiful by placing decorative colored rock salts in bathrooms. It should be noted that using rock salt in dry environments causes the environment to become more dry.

decor rock salt

Properties of decor rock salt

One of the most important effects of having decorative rock salt in the house is its effect on Feng Shui and eliminating negative energies. Their effect on eliminating insomnia, mental stress, anger and cancer prevention has also been proven.

Because these stones are very effective in absorbing and ionizing free radicals as well as electronic waves from TV, mobile and computer.

Cleaning and purifying the air in the home and thus preventing respiratory problems can also be one of the other properties of using decorative rock salt at home.

decor rock salt

Manufacturer of decor rock salt

The rock salts in Isfahan have a suitable structure and good quality. Different models of rock salt of this province are exported to different countries because of their good quality.

The salt rock of this province is very widely used for edible use and making decorative items. Isfahan artists use all kinds of decor rock salt found in this province and produce various decorative items.

decor rock salt

According to the type of rock salt and how they are cut, as well as their artistic experience, they make various decorative items. Production of colored spheres and cubes, as well as engraving, designing and writing Quranic verses on them are among the works of Isfahani artists.

Source: Halito rock salt company

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