Semnan industrial salt production factory

Semnan industrial salt

Semnan industrial salt production factory, unrefined salt, unrefined iodized salt, 3 to 5 mm, 1 to 2.5 mm, white salt, in 25 kg bag, jumbo bag, supply to Armenia, Georgia, Iraq.

Semnan industrial salt production factory, supply of unrefined salt in 20 kg, 40 kg and 50 kg packages, Semnan export salt, monthly production of 1300 tons, sale of Semnan salt, powdered salt, shellfish salt, sugar grain salt, fish pea salt.

Semnan Salt Factory packs refined salts in different sizes and dimensions and provides them to its customers. These salts are packaged as iodized and non-iodized. In order to get to know more about this factory, stay with us so that you can get more information in this field.

Edible salt producer

In fact, table salt is one of the products that can be found in every home today. Salt has become one of the most consumed items of people. It is very important to maintain the quality and have the necessary standards to prepare this salt. That’s why producers should be careful enough in preparing it.

In this regard, Semnan Salt Factory, relying on scientific knowledge and the use of quality and healthy materials, prepares good salts and provides them to its customers. This factory has extensive activities in the export sector, which has attracted the attention of many people.

Iodized and non-iodized table salt are considered the same in terms of size, taste and taste. The only difference between them is in their composition, which consists of sodium and chloride.

Semnan industrial salt

Semnan Industrial salt production

Edible salt is extracted in different ways and will be prepared in different ways in factories. One of the effective ways to prepare it in the first stage is extracting table salt from mines. After extraction, the impurities in it are purified so that it is completely purified without any pollution and dirt. Next, they bring it to a purity level of almost 99%. The prepared edible salt is called hydromil salt.

Here, Semnan Salt Factory is one of the factories producing edible salts that uses this method and prepares high-quality salts. This factory cares about the health of consumers in all stages of production.

Semnan industrial salt

Purchased from Semnan Salt Factory

Semnan Salt Factory has marketed its salts in different packages. All you have to do is buy healthy and high-quality salts from different centers for your daily consumption. This factory also provides its salts in bulk to various centers and companies.

Semnan industrial salt

Dear sellers, you can buy the necessary salt at a reasonable price from this factory.

Source: Halito rock salt Company

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