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pink salt in Iran

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What is pink salt?

Pink salt in Iran is extracted from the mines of Garmsar city, Semnan province. Chemically, this salt is very similar to ordinary table salt and consists of 98% sodium chloride. Pink salt is also composed of minerals such as potassium, calcium and magnesium. There is a difference in the taste of pink salt from ordinary salt, which is due to the presence of these minerals. This salt is pale pink in color, which gives it a stunning beauty. Pink salt is also extracted from salt mines located in the foothills of the Himalayas. Hence, this salt is also called Himalayan salt.

Pink salt is used in Iran for cooking, preserving food and flavoring food. Also, sometimes pink salt blocks are used to make dishes and kitchen boards. Sometimes people use this salt instead of bath salt. The properties of pink salt for the body are many. These properties include: rich in minerals, effective in detoxification, protecting sinuses and breathing conditions, helping digestion, regulating blood sugar, rejuvenating the skin, regulating blood pressure, improving sleep, balancing acid levels. And alkali in the body, relaxation of muscles and mind, health of arteries. Despite these properties in salt, it can be said that salt is an essential substance of the body.

 pink salt in Iran

Properties of pink salt for underactive thyroid

Pink salt is also used in Iran to treat hypothyroidism. This salt helps prevent hypothyroidism by removing iodine deficiency in the body. Because pink salt is rich in potassium and sodium, it prevents hormonal imbalance and relieves chronic fatigue. Also, the minerals present in pink salt increase the production and secretion of saliva, which results in better thyroid function. Dehydration can also affect thyroid health. Pink salt prevents this dehydration by ensuring proper fluid levels in the body. One of the important reasons that pink salt is useful for hypothyroidism is that it is natural and free of chemicals.

pink salt in Iran

Manufacturer of pink salt in Iran

Pink salt is found in the mines of Semnan province in Iran. The city of Garmsar in Semnan province can be considered one of the biggest centers of salt production. One of the salts that are extracted in large quantities in these mines is pink salt. In addition to domestic consumption, the salt extracted in this mine is also exported to other countries. As a result, Iran is one of the famous countries in the production of pink salt.

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pink salt in Iran

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