Refined Salt Factory of Iran

Refined Salt Factory

Refined Salt Factory of Iran, Refined Salt Price, Salt processing plant, Table salt manufacturer, iodine 40 and 60 ppm, 20 kg bag, supply to Armenia, Georgia, India.

Hydromil Refined Salt Factory, iodized and non-iodized in 20 kg bags, 1 kg and half kg packaging, refined edible salt specially for export to Iraq, Armenia and Georgia, by providing the necessary documents for export.

The difference between refined and unrefined salt

Salt is a valuable food. This substance is extracted from the sea or salt mines. Salt obtained from the sea and mines definitely has many impurities. These impurities cause many problems in the body. Many dealers sell this type of salt in small towns and remote areas due to its cheap price and higher profit.

But the refined salt goes to the factory after extraction and is refined there. Karnjat removes all impurities and waste materials from salt and adds iodine to it. Iodine is an essential substance for the body. This substance prevents many problems in the body by regulating the thyroid. Iodine deficiency in the body leads to serious problems such as retardation of babies, goiter, fatigue and many other problems.

Refined salt contains iodine. To prevent these problems, iodine is added to salt. In the following, we mention other differences between refined and unrefined salt.

  • Difference in degree of purity

Sea salt has particles of sand, sand and many impurities of the sea. Even in many cases we see soil and mud in sea salt. There are also elements such as arsenic in salt. This element is dangerous for the body.

Refined salt is cleaned and decomposed by special equipment after entering the factory. All salt impurities such as harmful elements and soil particles are extracted from the salt.

  • Enrichment with iodine

Refined salt is enriched with iodine. Iodine is a useful mineral for the body. Salt extracted from the sea does not contain iodine.

  • method of consumption

Refined salt is suitable for oral use. But sea salt is mostly used for daily washing and industries.

Refined Salt Factory

Wholesale of recrystallized salt

The sale of salt from the recrystallization plant makes a lot of profit for the sellers. The bulk purchase of this salt has increased greatly due to its properties. Wholesale helps buyers to buy and sell salt to customers at a reasonable price. Trading and selling this type of salt has given employment to many people.

Refined Salt Factory

Refined salt factory

Today, factory salt is preferred over other salts. Many factories are offering pure and healthy salts to the market. But the sale market of refined salt factory is very hot. Dear ones, you can go to their sales centers to check the quality of this category of salts and check these products closely.

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Refined Salt Factory

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