Garmsar blue rock salt wholesale center

blue rock salt

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Where is the blue salt mine?

Garmsar blue salt rock has a special quality and has a crystalline structure. There are salt stones in different cities of Iran. Garmsar blue salt is exported abroad because of its high quality. The origin of this rock salt is in Iran, but there are not many mines of it in Iran. The best blue salt stone is in Garmsar and Semnan. The city of Garmsar is one of the attractive cities that has many salt mines.

What makes this city attractive is the presence of salt. Semnan province has more than 25 active mines in the field of mineral salt extraction, which supplies 50% of the country’s table salt. In addition to edible and industrial salt in this province, it is also the origin of crystalline blue salt. Garmsar blue salt rock is a rare and rare salt, which is very time-consuming and difficult to dig. Its attractive blue color is due to the fact that the mineral potassium chloride is naturally present in its crystal structure.

blue rock salt

Properties of Blue salt

With the progress of science and technology and the discovery of the valuable properties of Garmsar blue salt rock, the people of the world have realized its unique properties. Due to the high potassium content of this salt, its aroma and taste are special. Potassium is essential and useful for the heart. The healing properties of Garmsar and Semnan blue salt rock are very many, including the properties of this salt:

  • Regulation of blood pressure: Garmsar blue rock salt helps to reduce blood pressure due to its high potassium content.
  • Anti-stress: In times of stress and tension, this salt increases the release of the hormone oxytocin, which causes a feeling of happiness.
  • Aids in food digestion: by eating this salt, the salivary glands are stimulated and with more secretion, it causes food digestion.
  • Increasing body immunity: Blue salt is necessary for the body’s vital activities and prevents many diseases.

Garmsar blue rocksalt helps to treat depression, control blood pressure, regulate heart rate and nervous problems.

blue rock salt

Buy Garmsar blue rock salt

The biggest demand for buying Garmsar rock salt is from European countries because they have realized its healing properties and this salt cannot be found in other countries. To buy Garmsar blue salt stone, you can order it in whole and in detail, online and in person, and by registering a call, and receive the high-quality product.

blue rock salt

Halito rock salt collection is the largest supplier of salt rock in Iran, which responds to its customers by having salt crushing units and salt rock cutting workshops.

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