Manufacturer of salt bricks size 10x20X3 cm

salt bricks

Manufacturer of salt bricks size 10x20X3 cm, Salt bricks for animals, Salt bricks for wall, Salt bricks wholesale, Salt bricks for Sauna, Salt bricks for sale.

Manufacturer of salt bricks with dimensions of 10×20, thickness of 3 cm, salt bricks in standard dimensions of 10×20 and 10×15 with two thicknesses of 3 and 5 cm, completely Gunya salt bricks, for the construction of salt room, salt sauna, salt wall, salt cave .

How to produce salt bricks

Cutting salt rock in a regular and rectangular shape is called salt brick. The way salt bricks are produced is that experts select quality salt stones and cut them regularly and rectangularly. The important point in cutting bricks is that they should be smooth. The lack of gunya and irregularity in the cuts make the construction of salt walls difficult. The quality, type and color of rock salt play an important role in their price and durability. Experts believe that the thickness of bricks should not be less than 3 and more than 5 cm. Because the thickness of more than 5 cm will cause problems in the lighting of the salt room, which is one of the important components in the design.

To produce salt bricks, quality salt rocks are cut regularly and uniformly

salt bricks

Properties of brick salt therapy

Salt therapy is especially useful in improving lung, mental and skin diseases. Improving energy and getting rid of bad energies is another benefit of building a salt therapy room. Also, salt walls can regulate heart rate, glands and immune system by releasing negative ions.

Pure mineral salts have natural moisture, that’s why they are useful for skin diseases such as eczema, rashes, acne and psoriasis.

salt bricks

The benefits of building a salt therapy room

The use of salt bricks is especially useful in the construction of salt therapy rooms. Halotherapy is the scientific name of “salt therapy” and Eastern Europe is considered the place of its origin. Salt has been considered in ancient medicine due to its detoxification, germicidal and antiseptic properties. Some historical evidence indicates that the German army used these rooms to cure mental and respiratory diseases of its soldiers. Later, the countries of Poland and Russia have expanded this complementary medicine.

salt bricks

Salt therapy rooms reduce inflammation and mucus and improve breathing. These rooms are also very suitable for asthma, allergy and sinus sufferers. Also, their special relaxation and distribution of tiny salt particles that adjust the ions in the environment are effective for strengthening the nerves.

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salt bricks

Finally, it should be said that the production of salt bricks in Iran has made great progress due to the presence of mines and salt lakes and has entered the export cycle. Therefore, it seems that using it to treat physical and mental diseases and decorate houses is a suitable and economical choice.

Source: Halito rock salt Group

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