Export of Garmsar white rock salt purity 99%

white rock salt

Export of Garmsar white rock salt with exceptional purity of 99%, White Rock Salt for Cooking, Iran rock salt supplier, supply rock salt to Iraq, Armenia, Georgia, Azerbijan.

Export of Garmsar white rock salt with exceptional purity of 99%, edible rock salt, special rock salt for making decorative and decorative items, white rock salt for livestock, packing in jumbo bags, export of rock salt to Turkey and Iraq.

White rock salt has become very popular today. Salt is one of the most common ingredients used in cooking and food production. These salts are less processed and very healthy.

By searching for white rock salt on Google, you can find out the properties of this salt for health. One of the most important properties of sea salt is regulating blood pressure and treating chronic fatigue syndrome.

White salt is one of the most useful foods for health. Stay with us to get to know everything about it.

white rock salt

White Rock Salt for Cooking

Using white rock salt is the best way to cook food with less oil. Therefore, it is the best treatment for heart patients, fatty liver, blood pressure, etc. This salt has a great taste. For this reason, many people use it in cooking.

White rock salt contains iodine. Iodine is another mineral that is vital for the production of thyroid hormones. Its deficiency may lead to an enlarged thyroid (known as a goiter).

As other forms of salt have become increasingly popular, you may find some major brands that additionally fortify salt varieties with iodine. In cooking with rock salt, it is necessary to add it to different foods.

white rock salt

Garmsar white Rock salt

In fact, you can get white rock salt from Garmsar, where there are special rock salt mines. The purest form of salt exists in these mines, the most natural form of which is rock salt.

Monthly loading of 3500 tons of white rock salt is one of the capabilities of the Halito rock salt complex.

white rock salt

Buying livestock rock salt

White rock salt is used for humans and animals because of its extraordinary properties. Having healthy livestock actually means having healthy products such as meat, milk, etc. Livestock rock salt has countless properties for livestock. In the following, we mention the most important properties of livestock salt for the health of livestock and poultry:

  • Strengthening the immune system of livestock for greater resistance to diseases
  • Helping to produce and absorb amino acids needed by livestock and poultry
  • Helping to strengthen and grow muscles
  • Disinfection and elimination of microbes inside the body of livestock and poultry
  • Regulation of animal and poultry body hormones

Finally, instead of focusing on the type of salt used, try to buy rock salt depending on your activity and how you use it. Animal rock salt has a lower price than other rock salt.

Source: Halito rock salt Group

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