Manufacturer of rock salt soap and globe salt massage

rock salt soap

Manufacturer of rock salt soap and globe salt massage, salt bricks factory in iran, biggest salt lamp factory in iran.

Manufacturer of rock salt soap and massage rock ball, wholesale sales of pink, white and red rock salt soap, salt massage ball with color variety, send to all over the country.

Properties of rock salt soap for face

If you ever thought that rock salt is produced only in decorative form or in food and industrial sizes; The name of rock salt soap may seem a little strange to you; Another very useful form of rock salt is its processing in the form of soap, which can have many benefits, including for facial skin.

The most important properties of rock salt soap for the face are:

Skin rejuvenation: Salt rock soap with deep cleansing of the skin stimulates collagen production in the facial skin and long-term use of it rejuvenates and tightens the skin tissue because in addition to cleansing the skin, it nourishes the face. Salt rock contains very important elements such as sodium, chlorine, magnesium, potassium, etc., which can provide the skin minerals well.

Skin lightening : Shine and radiance of the skin and removal of various stains such as sunburn spots are other properties of rock salt soap.

Facial massage: This soap can be used as one of the best soaps for facial massage. Using salt soap as a massage soap increases blood flow to the facial muscles. This causes more oxygen to the skin and delays aging.

rock salt soap

Rock salt soap to detoxify the body

Our skin is exposed to many pollutants and toxins on a daily basis. Dust, public transport fumes, factory fumes, viruses and bacteria in the environment are some of the most important skin contaminants. These contaminants can reduce the elasticity of the skin over time and make the skin look old and unripe; Using natural and strong cleansers such as rock salt soap can save the skin from these contaminants. Because salt has very strong antiseptic and antibacterial properties; It can detoxify the skin and deeply cleanse it.

In addition, toxic substances accumulate in the body through various ways such as the consumption of fatty, toxic foods, drugs, canned and industrial foods, and a variety of fast foods. The body can be detoxified by consuming rock salt orally or using its soap topically. It is enough to have salt rock soap in a container filled with lukewarm water; Dissolve and massage the person’s feet in water; This eliminates all toxins from the body and reduces muscle spasms.

When using soap, make sure that you do not wash the skin with water immediately. The desired position should be washed off after a few minutes of use.

rock salt soap

Manufacturer of rock salt soap

The best type of soap is one that is made from natural and organic materials and mountain salt rocks. The manufacturer of rock salt soap uses different types of pink, orange, red and white rock salts to produce these soaps. Using vegetable oils, essential oils and aromatic substances, abrasives such as talc and soap texture improvers such as bentonite and halite salt stone, this soap is produced.

rock salt soap

From the Halito collection, you can buy the highest quality salt rock soaps and massage rock balls with a purity of over 99%.

Source: Halito rock salt Group

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