Manufacturer of Persian rock salt soap bar

rock salt soap

Manufacturer of Persian rock salt soap bar, minimum order is 10000 pcs, in cheap price, ready for export in carton packing.

Massage rock soap soap sales center, production of therapeutic salt rock soap in two colors, white and orange, minimum order of 300 pieces, possibility of sending all over the country.

Soap is a fatty acid according to experiments and the science of salt chemistry. Used for applications such as washing, bathing, etc. Soap can be used many times, for example, rock salt soap is used for massage and the combination of soap with other substances, such as grease, is used to make fabrics, etc.

rock salt soap

How to use salt soap

When soap making became an industry, the method of making soap was described by Muhammad ibn Zakaria al-Razi. In fact, soap is made by combining fatty oils and fats with alkali. It is interesting to know that the first soap factory was established in Boroujerd and now the city of Boroujerd is one of the important centers of soap making.

All washing soaps are made by adding vegetable oil to an alkali, which must be done at high temperature and high pressure, and the substance made during this operation is glycerin.

The glycerin is separated with a salt solution and then the soap is poured into a machine that is mixed and mixed with special preservatives and fragrances, which are then molded into different sizes. It is good to know that sea salt soap is very useful for peeling and large pimples, which is widely used because of its many healing properties, which in fact detoxifies the skin and removes contamination of the skin surface. Takes.

Mineral salt soap is very useful for reducing inflammation and soothing and cleansing the skin, which increases blood circulation. In fact, salt soap does not cause dry skin at all.

Salt soap for the skin is used as a treatment for pimples, detoxification of the skin, balances skin oil, rejuvenates the skin, eliminates puffiness, massage, etc.

Soap for hair is a good treatment, it makes the hair transparent and removes a lot of oil from the hair.

rock salt soap

Buy sea salt soap

Halito Salt Stone Collection, producer of mineral salt soap, produces this product with the best and highest quality type of rock salt and mainly provides it to salt soap sales centers.

rock salt soap

It is possible to buy this product both in person and in person. Purchasing this product in person saves time and money and reduces traffic and air pollution. Absolute purchases benefit the buyer in terms of price and therefore contribute to the economic cycle.

Source: Halito rock salt company

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