Manufacturer of Iran edible salt tablets

Iran edible salt tablets

Manufacturer of Iran edible salt tablets, purity 99.2 %, monthly capacity 250 tons, packing in 25 kg bag, supply to Turkey.

The producer of Garmsar table salt tablets, table salt tablets produced with a purity higher than 99.2%, carries out the regeneration operation in a very exceptional way, contact for bulk purchase of table salt tablets.

The production of salt tablets is done for use in industrial or medical purposes, etc. Salt is one of the most important substances that mankind has used many times throughout its history. With the growth of technology and the production of various equipment, human dependence on this mineral has increased. Today, salt is marketed in various edible, industrial, and its products. Salt products are mainly used in industrial cases. One of the side products of salt is its tablets. We will continue to introduce salt tablets and their important uses.

What is a salt tablet?

The production of salt tablets is mainly done to meet the needs of industries. Salt is a mineral whose two main components are sodium and chloride. In the salt tablet, these two elements are its components. In order to produce this tablet, salt pellets are made by steam and water evaporation method. The materials obtained from this process are screened after drying. Finally, salt tablets are produced. Salt tablets are used to remove the hardness of water and dialysis machines. In the following, we will introduce water hardness salt tablets and dialysis machine salt tablets.

Iran edible salt tablets

Salt tablets for water hardness

The production of salt tablets is also done to get the hardness of the water. In fact, this salt tablet is used in water hardness devices. The working system of water hardness devices that work with salt tablets is reverse RO. In this case, the hardness of the water is taken by sodium and by reducing the resin. Water hardness salt tablets contain 99 to 99.4% sodium. This tablet has few impurities compared to rock salt, that’s why it leaves little deposits in water hardness systems. Hardening salt tablets remove water hardness by ion exchange and in a completely cost-effective way.

Iran edible salt tablets

Production Iran edible salt tablets

Dialysis machine salt tablets are one of the types of salt tablets used in dialysis machines. The patient’s blood must be cleaned by a dialysis machine. Pure water is used to clean the patient’s blood. If the water entering the dialysis machine has impurities, it has dangerous consequences for the patient. By using salt tablets and a hardener, the incoming water is dialyzed by passing through the Ro hardener system suitable for use in the machine.

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Iran edible salt tablets

It can be said that the quality of the dialysis machine is also largely dependent on pure water. In this device, the purity of the water can be obtained only with the help of quality salt tablets.

Source: Halito rock salt company

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