Industrial salt producer size .3 to .6 mil

Industrial salt producer

Industrial salt producer size .3 to .6 mil, packing in 25 kg bag, monthly capacity 850 tons, supply to Iraq and Azerbaijan with iodine and without iodine.

Sale of 130 size oyster fine grain industrial salt, fine grain oyster salt is very similar to table salt, completely white in appearance, packed in a 25 kg bag, because oyster salt is very small, its production is less in the cold season and It is more in the hot season.

What is industrial salt?

Before selling industrial salt, it is necessary to know what is industrial salt? Industrial salt is salt that has a much lower degree of purity than ordinary salt.

Also, industrial salt is generally unrefined and iodine-free. In edible salts, the percentage of iodine purity is usually increased to prevent people from getting kidney stones.

The sale of industrial salt is usually due to the same industrial uses, the cases where these salts are used include; It is common to use industrial salt for water purification. Also, these salts are used a lot in the manufacturing process to prepare a boiler.

If we want to control the hardness of water in the industry, industrial salt must be used. Another use of these salts is in the livestock industry. It is also effectively used in handicraft art and industrial salt resin.

Industrial salt producer

Industrial salt producer

Meshing or sizing of salt particles are produced in different types, which are very important in the sale of industrial salt. Industrial salt is classified in different meshing categories, some of which we explain.

Usually, industrial salts are classified into two sizes of particles and crystals: 90 and 100. 100 industrial salt crystals are twice as large as sugar crystals.

This category of salts is usually used in the fishing industry. Their use in the fisheries industry is usually for water hardness, disinfection, etc. In this way, after extracting the rock salt from the Garmsar salt mines, it is put in a crushing machine and turned into smaller crystals that are about 5 to 10 mm.

Another type of industrial salt is salt that is very similar to table salt. One of the features of this industrial salt powder is that because it has very fine and soft crystals, they are good absorbents for moisture, which become hard and lumpy after absorbing moisture.

Another use of this type of industrial salt is to use it during snowfall and prevent the streets from freezing.

In general, the use of industrial salt is a very important and practical element in most industries, in such a way that without industrial salt, industries will fail.

Industrial salt producer

Garmsar salt mines

Garmsar city is one of the important cities of Iran due to the presence of salt and gypsum mines. Also, due to the special weather conditions, this area contains many minerals such as salt and gypsum.

Industrial salt producer

Contact Garmsar salt factory to buy directly.

Source: Halito rock salt company

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