Major producer of pink salt in Iran

pink salt in Iran

Major producer of pink salt in Iran, orange rock salt, pink rock salt supplier, export of rock salt to Turkey, Pakistan, Oman, UAE, Armenia, Georgia.

Major producer of pink salt in Garmsar Iran, monthly production capacity of 850 tons, possibility of packaging in 25 kg bags, general shipping throughout the country, supply and packaging for export.

Iran’s pink salt, which is obtained from the mineral mines of the country, is considered one of the valuable and useful products of the country, which also has many healing properties. These attractive colored crystals have turned into this beautiful color due to the compounds of iodine, potassium, magnesium and calcium. If you have not heard the name of this mineral salt before and you would like to learn more about this useful substance, stay with us until the end of the text.

Properties of pink salt for thyroid

One of the most important properties of Iranian pink salt, which many traditional medicine doctors use today, is the treatment of thyroid, especially hypothyroidism. As you know, if the thyroid glands do not function properly, they do not transfer the necessary hormones to the blood. As a result, during hypothyroidism, a person suffers many complications such as physical weakness, lethargy, depression, extreme cold feeling, etc.

But consuming Iranian pink salt due to its high level of iodine, sodium and potassium in its structure can cause balance in thyroid hormones. The minerals in this salt improve the thyroid function in the body with the proper secretion of digestive juices. On the other hand, since pink salt is pure and without harmful chemicals, its consumption will not have any side effects for the patient and will also help to supply the iodine needed by the body.

pink salt in Iran

Pink salt in Iran

Among the cities of the country, the largest share of Iranian pink salt belongs to Semnan province and Garmsar city. There are more than fifty active mineral mines in Garmsar, from which more than 100 tons of pink rock salt are extracted daily. For this reason, it is also known as the capital or salt heart of Iran. But in addition to Garmsar, in some cities such as Qeshm, Khoi, Yazd, etc., pink salt mines of Iran can be exploited, but pink salt rock has not been observed in them so far.

pink salt in Iran

Export of pink salt

Due to the extraordinary therapeutic properties of Iranian pink salt and the rarity of this salt in the world, its export has been greatly welcomed. Fortunately, Iran, having 7% of the world’s mineral reserves in its heart, has been able to be among the top 10 countries in the world in terms of exporting this mineral salt and earn a good income in this way.

pink salt in Iran

This salt is used in medicine, cooking, improving the digestive system, etc. For this reason, by extracting high-quality and good Iranian pink salt from the country’s mines, high income can be achieved.

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