Iran Decor rock salt production center

Iran Decor rock salt

Iran Decor rock salt production center, Various models, pyramid, Globe, cubic, biggest factory of persian salt lamp in Iran, salt bricks manufacturer.

Spherical pyramid salt rock night lamp production center, salt rock ball in sizes 12, 16, 20 and 30 cm, pyramid, cube and ball with wooden base, wholesale sales of all kinds of salt rock necklaces, salt rock decoration at a very exceptional price.

Using rock salt lamps at home has been an ancient tradition of the Greeks to improve the air quality of the environment. The salt bed lamp is a special choice for people who pay special attention to clean air and a quiet environment. Therefore, it has a special place in the decoration of today’s stylish homes, so that it is considered a stylish and luxurious product. In addition to their beautiful appearance, salt lamps have a wonderful relaxing effect, and for this reason, they have gained special fans.

The salt stone night light is a salt stone decorated with small lamps, which has a very attractive appearance. We all know that the texture of rock salt consists of positive and negative ions, which are released into the environment when heated by the energy of the lamp. The ions emitted from the surface of the night lamp significantly reduce the negative energy in the environment, dust and impurities in the air.

 Where should we place the rock salt lamp at home?

Knowing about the extraordinary properties of salt stone lamp has led to the widespread interest of people in preparing it. But where should we put rock salt in the house so that it works best? Relaxation and staying away from negative waves while sleeping is one of the requirements for adequate and comfortable sleep; So if you are looking for a good night’s sleep, don’t forget the salt bed lamp.

The use of salt lamp is not limited to the bedroom and is very effective in cleaning the air of the living room. Employees and managers can also use the rock salt lamp to purify the air and improve its quality.

 Iran Decor rock salt

The properties of rock salt for sore eyes?

Belief in the wound eye among Iranians has made them turn to rock salt and its by-products. According to the experiences of the past and scientific research, the salt lamp is very effective in dispelling the energy of the evil eye. Placing rock salt as an eye in any part of the house disperses positive energy in the space and neutralizes negative energy; Therefore, putting rock salt at the entrance of houses and in front of the eyes is a smart thing.

Iran Decor rock salt

The manufacturer of Iran Decor rock salt

There are many rock salts to produce rock salt night lights. But some of these stones have a better performance and a more beautiful and shiny appearance due to their standard structure and metal elements.

Iran Decor rock salt

With access to special salt mines in Iran, Halito’s salt collection designs and produces luxury salt and salt lamps. High-quality mining salt along with the professional production process results in the production of a wonderful product that this collection pays special attention to.

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