Jahrom rock salt for export market

Jahrom rock salt

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What is crystal salt?

Jahrom salt rock is one of the famous and well-known salt rocks around the world. The fame of the mines of Jahrom city has become global due to the fact that it is possible to extract a large amount of rock salt from them. For example, among the types of rock salt in this city, we can mention Del Namak. Del Namak is a type of white salt rock, which is also known as halite. Of course, the color of this type of rock salt can be blue, red or orange according to its impurity level.

An interesting point that can be mentioned in relation to Del Namak is that Del Namak is known as the purest type of salt extracted from Iranian mines. The most important feature of heart salt is the presence of useful elements such as potassium, iron, copper, zinc, manganese and calcium. These elements have caused this type of rock salt to be introduced as a type of rock salt therapy.

Jahrom rock salt

Properties of Shah Alamdar Jahrom salt

As it was said, Jahrom salt rock is in different types. In fact, all kinds of salt can be found in the mines of this city, and if you visit the market, you can see all kinds of salt in this city. One of the most famous salts in the city of Jahrom is Shah Alamdar Jahrom salt. This salt has many fans both inside and outside the country, and every year a large amount of it is exported to other countries, including European countries. The reason for the popularity of this salt can be attributed to its unique properties. Each of these properties can be effective in controlling and treating diseases. Among these properties, the following can be mentioned:

  • Reduce stress and anxiety
  • Strengthening the immune system and stabilizing the body’s strength
  • Decreased sensitivity
  • Eliminating lung diseases and respiratory problems
  • Blood pressure regulation
  • Treating migraine headaches and reducing sinus congestion

Jahrom rock salt

Where to buy Jahorm rock salt?

According to the properties and characteristics of Jahrom salt, its buying and selling has been booming in recent years. This issue has caused many centers to sell wholesale and retail this product. Therefore, regarding the purchase of this product, it should be said that there is no need to go directly to the city of Jahrom, and you can easily get all kinds of Jahrom rock and salt in any city you are in.

Jahrom rock salt

The Halito salt collection will provide you with Jahrom salt wherever you are in Iran and the world.

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