Iran Semnan white and blue salt market

Iran salt market

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What is the use of rock salt?

Rock salt with the chemical formula of sodium chloride, according to the type of solutes in it, has many properties and uses. There are many types of rock salt in nature. In general, rock salt can be divided into three categories

  • Edible rock salt
  • Industrial rock salt
  • Decorative rock salt

Divided. In order to use rock salt for food, iodine is added to it after the granulation and purification process. Rock salt is widely used in industry. For example, industrial rock salt is used in the production of detergents, leather making, disinfection, drilling and other cases. This salt is used as a decorative device in the home due to its extraordinary properties in reducing stress, removing sore eyes and reducing negative energies in the space. For example, lampshades made of rock salt are used as home decor.

Iran salt market

 Types of edible rock salt

Edible rock salt has long been noted for its many benefits in improving the digestive system, disinfection, reducing sore throat, soothing muscles and reducing the risk of diabetes.

Blue salt stone: which is unique to Semnan province, is very popular. Blue rock salt is an excellent salt for oral use by helping to improve the digestive system and regulate blood pressure.

White rock salt: Another type of edible rock salt, the high purity of the sodium chloride composition is the reason for the white color of this rock. White rock salt helps the thyroid function properly.


You should
note that white rock salt has different types

Pink rock salt: Due to its different and rare taste, it has many customers. The properties of pink salt are many. Among its edible properties, we can mention weight loss, removing facial acne and preventing heart diseases. If the rock salt has a very high purity, it will be seen as transparent crystals.

Crystalline rock salt: It has a high price due to its high degree of purity. In addition to oral consumption, this salt also has medicinal uses.

Iran salt market

Iran salt market for export

Iran has one of the largest salt reserves in the Middle East. Garmsar salt mines in Semnan province are one of the most important salt mines in Iran, which have different types of salt. Halito Salt Group is the largest manufacturer and distributor of salt in Iran. In addition to the wholesale sale of Iran rock salt in Iran, this group exports this product to neighboring countries.

Iran salt market

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