Export of white rock salt high purity to Iraq

white rock salt

Export of white rock salt high purity to Iraq, White rock Salt for cooking, rock salt in bulk, Iran rock salt supplier, supply rock salt to UAE, Oman, Armenia.

Garmsar white salt rock export, 1 ton packaging, sending to the border, used in Armenia, Turkey, Azerbaijan and Russia, monthly supply and packaging of 10 thousand tons, providing necessary permits for customs affairs.

Place of formation of white rock salt

It might be interesting for you to know where white salt rock is formed and how it is formed. As you know, many seas and oceans have disappeared over time. The reason for this can be attributed to climate change and the evaporation of sea and ocean water. The bed of these seas and oceans is a suitable place for the formation of rock salt. Over time and with the evaporation of the water of the seas and oceans, the amount of salt in their bed has increased.

In fact, regarding the formation of white rock salt, it should be said: Salt rock is formed by depositing salt on the bottom of the seas and oceans and accumulating them on top of each other. Of course, this process takes thousands of years. It is interesting to know that sometimes the thickness of these sediments reaches hundreds of meters. In this way, salt rock mines are formed, which can be introduced as remnants of dried seas and oceans.

white rock salt

What is the use of white rock salt?

It is interesting to know that white rock salt has many uses. The uses of this type of rock salt can be mentioned in the following cases:

  • Livestock rock salt that is used to lick livestock and poultry.
  • Powdered salt that is used as industrial salt in some industries and factories such as leather factories, nut production, acidification, chlorination and antifreeze.
  • Hand rock salt that is also used in some industries.
  • Fishery rock salt that is used in the fishing industry as a disinfectant.
  • Decorative salt rock that is used to make decorative items such as lamps, lampshades and all kinds of decorative shapes.
  • Edible rock salt that is used as table salt in cooking.

white rock salt

Export of white rock salt

Considering the things that have been mentioned regarding the use of white rock salt, we can expect a high demand for it. But there are no rock salt sources in many countries. Therefore, many countries that do not have access to rock salt resources inside their country, are forced to import this product. Iran is one of the countries that has access to abundant resources of rock salt and therefore has been able to export well in this sector.

white rock salt

It is necessary to know that white rock salt has different grades and each one is used in certain countries. Before buying and carrying out export operations, get free advice from Halito salt rock collection.

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