Iran salt mine offers pink edible and animal salt

Iran salt mine

Iran salt mine offers pink edible and animal salt, Salt mines of Garmsar, orange rock salt monthly 1500 tons, red and pink salt monthly 900 tons have capacity.

Garmsar rock salt mine provides pink, edible and animal salt rock, extracting salt from the mine, contact us to buy from Iran’s largest salt rock mine located in Garmsar, exporting products to all countries in the region with a monthly delivery capacity of 2500 tons.

The exploitation of salt rock mining in Iran goes back to 2000 years before Christ and the Achaemenid era, and this shows that Iran has had rich salt reservoirs for a long time. Among the characteristics of rock salt, it is shiny and salty and has a pleasant smell, and it is generally colorless or white. But because of the impurities in them and according to the amount of impurities, they are found in different colors. Rock salt can only be extracted from salt mines and salt caves, and it is impossible to extract it from salt seas and lakes.

Introduction of Iran salt mine

Nowadays, Semnan is called the salt capital of Iran due to its beautiful salt mountains and salt mines. Of course, there are salt mines in cities like Lorestan, Yazd, Qeshm and Khoi. There are also many salt mines in the south of Iran. Due to the very high quality of rock salt in Garmsar and the use of advanced equipment and the existence of large salt processing factories, this city has become the pole of salt rock of Iran and provides 80% and maybe more of Iran’s rock salt export. There are different types of rock salt in Garmsar, the quality of which is different and each of them has different uses.

Iran salt mine

How to extract salt from the mine

The main source of salt is sea water, which is an infinite source. Rock salt is found in sediments near the surface of the earth and it is also found in the beds of old rivers that have dried up. One of the most important ways of extracting salt is underground mines and the process of extracting them. With the help of big machines, miners dig and reach the underground layers of salt and start the extraction. There are two ways to extract salt, one is sea water and the other is underground.

Iran salt mine

Direct purchase from Garmsar salt mine

Garmsar rock salt is one of the unique rock salts in the world due to its high purity of 99% and its constituent minerals, and its sale and purchase is booming. The best way to buy from Garmsar salt mine is direct purchase. Orders are registered by an expert and customers can buy it in the best way according to their opinion and according to their variety.

Iran salt mine

Export of red, pink and orange rock salt in jumbo bags with the possibility of monthly delivery of 1200 tons, white rock salt with a monthly extraction capacity of 10 thousand tons, contact to place an order.

Source: Halito rock salt Group

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