Export of iodized salt to Georgia and Armenia with certificate

Export of iodized salt

Export of iodized salt to Georgia and Armenia with certificate, in 20 kg bag, iodine 40 to 60 ppm, monthly can supply 600 tons.

The export of iodized salt to Georgia and Armenia with a license, the export of salt to Iraq, the price of export salt with a 20 kg bag, the export of salt to Russia, the export of salt to Turkey, the trade of salt and the export of iodized salt require the relevant license and certificate to register an order. Call.

Iranian salt market in Europe

Iranian salt is one of the best and first-class salts in the world, and today the export of salt to Europe has become a currency-earning industry. Exports.

Iran is one of the countries that has several salt lakes and in them various salts with different properties are found which are rare in the world, but by the grace of God, these lakes contain these rare products and become a source of income. It has become for the country.

The standard of salt in Europe is different from our country, and this country has set mandatory laws for iodized table salt, so that high quality salt is distributed.

Export of iodized salt

Salt export to Turkey

Salt is one of the most widely used spices and food which is used in 90% of foods and if consumed in a balanced way, it can have many benefits for the body and provide the sodium needed by the body.

This valuable product exists in a very high variety in nature, and Iran is among the countries that have this product in high variety and sends it to countries that request various types of salt.

Iranian salt is exported to many countries due to its high quality and variety, and Turkey is one of the countries that demand these products, and many Iranian companies are engaged in providing these Iranian products.

Export of iodized salt

Export of iodized salt to Armenia

In our collection, the supply and export of Halito rock salt has not declined due to the rarity of this product, and it is always increasing, and Halito is one of the products that it is a little difficult to find the original and high-quality product, which is guaranteed to buy this product. You can buy through our collection.

With access to large mines in the Middle East, our center is able to supply Halito rock salt in large quantities and has a history of long-term cooperation with European countries, Turkey, etc. in the field of salt export, in its brilliant record.

Export of iodized salt

The sale of these products is done in large quantities and all kinds of salt in packages with desired weights are ready to be sent all over the world and as you know today, the quality of these products has captured the whole world.

Source: Halito rock salt Group

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