Iran food grade red rock salt for export

red rock salt

Iran food grade red rock salt for export with jumbo bag, in two light and dark models with 98.3% purity, possibility of monthly supply up to 2500 tons without restrictions, FOB delivery.

Properties of red rock salt

Red salt rock has remarkable properties due to the presence of essential minerals for the body. This type of salt is high in sodium and in addition to sodium, it is also high in iron.

Strengthening hair, strengthening bones, helping to increase the body’s absorption of nutrients by the gastrointestinal tract, regulating the open acidity of the gastrointestinal tract and lowering blood pressure are among the properties of red rock salt.

This rock salt is produced in different dimensions and for different uses; Each of them has special properties for the body. For example, mixing red rock salt with hot oils can be a great home mask for rejuvenation and removing blemishes on the skin.

Using this rock salt as a decoration can have healing properties for body and soul.

red rock salt

Cause of red rock salt color change

Most of us have a laid back attitude when it comes to painting a picture about salt rock. While rock salts are found in different colors in nature, the reason for the existence of different colors in rock salt is the presence of minerals that play the role of colorants in rock salt; For example, the presence of iron along with sodium and chlorine causes red color, the presence of manganese causes orange streaks, the presence of potassium causes purple and blue color in rock salt.

On the other hand, some environmental factors cause changes in the salt rock crystallography network and as a result change its color, for example, one of the applications of rock salt is air purification; Due to the absorption of environmental pollution, this stone becomes dull.

red rock salt

Where to buy rock salt?

You can order red salt rock or any other type of rock salt online through Halito salt rock collection and keep in mind that the minimum order is to send 10 tons.

For ordering export rock salt in jumbo bags, if it is a domestic purchase, the minimum order should be 25 tons, and for delivery at the destination or on the deck of the ship, the minimum order should be 100 tons and above.



red rock salt

Export of red rock salt

If you Google the word red salt rock; Articles will be displayed in the first rank of Google in which the word Himalayan salt rock is also used; This is because most of the world’s red rock salt is found in the Himalayas in Pakistan; But it is better to know that red salt rock in addition to Pakistan in Iran in Garmsar city has valuable mines with high purity.

red rock salt

In the past decades, when Iran was not as active in the production and export of salt rock as it is today; Pakistan was the only supplier of red rock salt, while today Iran has become one of the largest suppliers of this rock salt in the world, and European and Asian countries such as Turkey and the UAE are among the buyers of Iranian orange and red rock salt; However, Iran has not yet used all its capabilities to export rock salt; If Iran uses all its capabilities to export salt rock, it can be more active in this field than today.

Source: Halito rock salt group

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