Export of Red rock salt to Iraq

Red rock salt

Export of Red rock salt to Iraq, rock salt in jumbo bag, iran rock salt manufacturer, capacity monthly 900 tons.

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One of the most beautiful types of rock salt is red rock rock, which turns red due to the presence of iron in it and has many therapeutic applications and is also used in the production of decorative products such as the production of decorative salt statues. .

Large mines of this type of rock salt exist in a small number of countries in the world, and in other countries, this type of rock rock is not found or exists in very small quantities. The red salt mines of Iran and Pakistan are among the largest and largest salt mines in the world that supply the required rock salt to the rest of the world.

In this article, we want to introduce you to red salt rock, as one of the most beautiful types of rock salt, and provide explanations about it. Stay with us.

Red rock salt

Red salt mine in Iran

As we mentioned, Iran is one of the largest producers of rock salt in the world and a large amount of rock salt, including red rock salt, is extracted annually from the Garmsar salt rock mine in this country. In addition to meeting domestic needs, it is exported to various countries around the world. Garmsar salt rock mine is known as one of the largest salt mines in the Middle East and even the world, from which various types of salt ore are extracted.

Red rock salt

Properties of red rock salt

Red salt rock has many properties and benefits. Among these benefits are the therapeutic applications of this type of rock salt. In this type of rock salt, there is a high amount of iron element, which is very useful for treating anemia in people who are struggling with blood diseases and their body iron is lower than normal. Be.

In addition, this type of salt stone is used in industries producing decorative products, such as salt statues, lampshades and salt bedside lamps, etc.

Red rock salt

Export of red rock salt

Red salt ore, which is extracted from salt mines in Iran and Pakistan, has been exported to various European countries as well as the Persian Gulf countries, and these countries earn good income in this way.

The red salt stone is exported to Iraq in the form of a jumbo bag and delivered to the border of Bashmaq, Parviz Khan and Sheikh Saleh.

Source: Halito rock salt Group

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