Export of pink and red rock salt from Iran

iran rock salt

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Export of pink and red rock salt, Garmsar pink rock salt, Semnan red rock salt, pink and orange granulated salt, supplied in 25 kg bags and 1 ton jumbo bag.

The difference between pink and red rock salt

Pink and red rock salt are extracted from the Himalayan mountains, which are also called Himalayan salt. But if we go into the details, we will see slight differences between them. One of these differences is the rarity of red salt compared to pink salt. Red salt has fewer uses than pink salt and its main use is as edible salt.

But pink rock salt is used both in decorations and in cooking. In general, the uses of pink rock salt are very wide and it is world famous. According to experts, the amount of iron in red salt is much higher than pink salt, that’s why the price of red salt is higher than pink salt. It should be noted that pink salt is used in making bricks and salt rooms, animal feed and making salt rock lampshades.

iran rock salt

Properties of pink salt for thyroid

Many people do not know about the properties of pink rock salt in the treatment of diseases. But we must say that this salt is prescribed to ensure proper and better functioning of the thyroid. Its function is to prevent iodine deficiency in the body and increase thyroid function in the body. According to what was said, this useful salt prevents hypothyroidism and helps its mechanism.

Pink salt or Himalayan salt also controls the amount of water in the body and saves the body from dehydration. The amount of minerals in this salt also improves digestion and the functioning of the digestive system. Potassium and sodium in it also prevent hormonal imbalance and chronic fatigue.

iran rock salt

Iran rock salt supplier

The pink rock salt extracted from the mines in Semnan and Garmsar is of very high quality. For this reason, the export of pink salt from Iran to the countries around Iran and European countries is very high.

iran rock salt

Due to the fact that this salt is very rare and it is only available in Iran and Pakistan, it has a high price in Iran and other countries. Pink salt is difficult to extract, that’s why its price is higher than other edible salts. Currently, this salt is being bought and sold in the world markets.

Source: Halito rock salt Group

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