Export of industrial salt size 1 to 2.5 mm to Armenia

industrial salt

Export of industrial salt size 1 to 2.5 mm to Armenia, Industrial Salt Price, Industrial Salt manufacturer, Industrial salt v table salt.

Mesh 110 sugar salt, size 1 to 2.5 mm, Garmsar sugar salt production factory, wholesale and retail sale of granulated salt products, the possibility of producing and supplying 900 tons per month.

Industrial salt production method

To produce industrial salt, first the salt enters the Kobi salt factory. Then the pounding is done on the salts. After crushing the salt, the salts are passed through screens of different sizes and in this way different industrial salts are obtained. One of the most famous types of industrial salt is sugar salt. Sugar salt is also called coarse salt.

This salt has crystalline crystals that are used in various industries. Now we will describe the methods of industrial salt production:

  1. Vacuum method
  2. tunnel method
  3. Hydraulic method
  4. Evaporation method
  5. Staircase method

industrial salt

The difference between refined and industrial salt

These two types of salt are similar in appearance, but they have differences in terms of iodine content, degree of purity, uses and granulation. Sugar salt or industrial salt is mostly used in industrial cases.

In the following, we examine these differences:

  1. Industrial salt has a lower degree of purity compared to table salt. Industrial salts are used in various chemical, industrial and petrochemical industries, etc., and their granulation type is different from refined salt.
  2. Sugar salts or industrial salt do not contain iodine.
  3. In refined salts, the refining process is carried out to a greater extent, as a result, kidney problems and food poisoning do not occur for people.
  4. The applications of industrial salt are different from refined salt. Sugar or industrial salt is used in cases such as leather making, production of detergents, livestock and poultry, textile, tanning, etc. Refined salts are mostly used for food and therapy.
  5. The storage method of industrial salt is different from table salt. Refined and edible salts must be stored in closed plastic or glass containers. Refined salts should also be kept away from sunlight. Because sunlight destroys the iodine in them.

industrial salt

Application of 1 to 2.5 mm salt in industry

Sugar salt is produced in three sizes: small, medium and large. The use of each type of sugar salt is different.

Fine salt: This type of salt is used in drilling, oil and petrochemical industries. Medium or mixed salt: food industry, textile and in water hardening

industrial salt

Coarse salt: snow removal and drilling industries

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Source: Halito rock salt Group

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