Export industrial rock salt to Russia and china from Iran

industrial rock salt

Export industrial rock salt to Russia and china from Iran, in cheap price, type of salt and rock salt in bulk and in 50 kg packing.

Direct purchase of industrial salt rock, production and sale of Garmsar industrial salt, price of sugar and powdered industrial salt, direct purchase from Garmsar salt rock factory, all kinds of white, orange and red rock salt.

There are different types of rock salt and it is used in different industries. In our country, there are salt rock mines in provinces such as Semnan, Fars, etc. Salt rock has high sales due to its many applications. Direct and unmediated purchase of industrial salt rock with excellent quality and reasonable price is possible from the same company. Contact our experts for more information.

industrial rock salt

Types of industrial rock salt

Types of industrial rock salt include oyster rock salt, powder rock salt, sugar rock rock, fishery rock rock, each of which has different features and characteristics. Industrial rock salt has clear and shiny crystals and has larger grains than powdered rock salt.
Sugar rock salt is known by this name because of its resemblance to sugar, and this salt is used in the preparation of various cheeses, especially liqueur cheese and salt for meat.
Fishery rock salt has a larger size than chickpeas and is widely used in the fisheries industry. Also, this product is used in various industries such as water purification, leather making, etc. Unrefined powdered rock salt also has finer grains than other types. This product is widely used in the preparation of livestock and poultry feed.

industrial rock salt

Export industrial rock salt

The daily price of industrial rock salt depends on several parameters and the most important factor is the quality and type of salt. As you know, rock salt has various samples, the price of each of which is different according to the efficiency and application, as well as the type of packaging, purchase volume, production costs, method of supply and demand, manufacturer, method Production, location of the mine and its extraction, economic fluctuations in the market, etc. affect the price of this product.

The price of various types of industrial rock salt in low-volume sales is lower and more affordable than the partial purchase. One of the rock salt mines is located in Garmsar city, which has many applicants due to its high quality.

industrial rock salt

Garmsar rock salt enters the production factories after extraction, where the separation of impurities from this stone is done with the best quality and by modern machines, and after processing in various packages, it enters the market for sale. Orange salt rock is also one of the types of colored salt rocks that has many applicants.

Source: Halito rock salt company

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