Wholesale of therapeutic decor rock salt

decor rock salt

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Decorative salt rock is one of the examples of salt rock that is used to make decorative accessories. All salt rocks are crystalline. This causes light to refract through them. Now, if the rock salt has one color, the light will pass through it with great charm. In general, the use of decorative salt stones is recommended for various purposes. In the rest of this article, we will introduce you to some important and special uses of this type of rock salt.

Does rock salt absorb negative energy?

Decorative rock salt is one of the materials that is believed to be able to remove negative energy from humans. Decorative salt stones can absorb harmful waves from electronic devices such as mobile phones, modems, satellites, jammers, etc. As a result, in this way, it removes negative energy from humans to a large extent. Decorative salt stone contains sodium and chloride materials. Sodium has a positive charge and chloride has a negative charge. This is why they say that rock salt can neutralize destructive energies around. In general, colored rock salt helps to balance the environment. It is better to place the decorative salt stones in the dark parts of the house.

decor rock salt

Making a night light with rock salt

Decorative rock salt is used to make bedside lamps. To make a night light, you need the following equipment:

  • rock salt
  • IC LM317 voltage regulator
  • Mobile charging
  • A 15 ohm resistor
  • LED 100 mAh
  • folded wire

Pierce the decorative rock salt. Then strip the wire ends of the mobile charger. After that, prepare a circuit as shown below. Place the parts in the designated places and solder them together. Finally, connect the negative end of the mobile charger wire to GND and the positive end to VCC. To identify the positive or negative end of the charger wire. Connect the bare ends of the charging wire to the short LED posts. If the LED lights up, the short wire is negative and the long wire is positive. If the LED does not turn on, move the wires to create the desired combination. Finally, put the LED in the hole of the rock salt.

decor rock salt

Wholesale of decor rock salt

Decorative salt stone is a product that we have offered in this special sale of different types. If you are active in selling rock salt or manufacturing lighting equipment, you can contact us for bulk purchase of decorative rock salt.

decor rock salt

Halito salt stone collection is the largest producer of decorative salt stone in Iran.

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