Wholesale Iran mineral industrial salt

Iran industrial salt

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Purchase of Garmsar mineral industrial salt, powdered salt, sugar granulated salt in 25 kg bags at an exceptional price, the possibility of shipping all over the country, special export packaging for Iraq, the possibility of delivering iodized salt for the market of Georgia and Armenia.

Extraction of rock salt from the mine

Due to the intense evaporations of the seas that were very salty and have now dried up, a large amount of salt is deposited on the bottom and bed of these old seas, which cause the creation of salt rocks. There are different methods for extracting rock salt, which include: extracting by hydraulic fracturing, vacuum method, evaporation method, open step method and extracting rock salt in a base room or tunnel. In Iran, salt is extracted from two sources, one is mountain rock salt mines and the other is lake or sea salt, which are extracted by underground method, basement chamber or tunnel method. The source of salt today is sea water because this source is an infinite source. Rock salt is obtained from salt mines and salt domes deposited on top of lakes. The rock salt is separated from these mines and domes and sent to the salt production factory.

Iran industrial salt

Industrial salt production method

Industrial salt is produced in several ways, which include:

  1.  Evaporation method: In this method, salty water is transferred to special ponds. After the evaporation of the salt water, it remains on the bottom of the pond, which is collected manually or with special devices.
  2. Hydraulic method: In this method, drilling and blasting are used, and underground salts are extracted with this method.
  3. Vacuum method: In this method, evaporating devices are used. Several vertical evaporators are connected together and with the help of suction pumps, they take salt from salty water. Salt purity increases with the vacuum method.
  4. Stepped method: This method is used when the place of salt extraction is small.

Iran industrial salt

Buying Iran industrial salt

To buy Garmsar industrial salt, you can contact the numbers available on the sites. These sites ship wholesale to all parts of the country. Buying industrial salt through the site will be easy and economical. Buying industrial salt is widely used for various industries.

Iran industrial salt

The purity percentage of industrial salt is low. Garmsar industrial salt buying market is very prosperous because apart from their special production method, they also have good quality, that’s why they are popular and popular.

Source: Halito rock salt company

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