The largest factory and supplier of Iran orange salt

Iran orange salt

The largest factory and supplier of Iran orange salt, Iran salt, Persian salt, supply orange rock salt to India, pink rock salt supplier, pink salt manufacturer.

The largest center for the production and export of orange salt, the possibility of sending rock salt in bulk, orange salt in small bags of 20 and 25 kilos, delivery to the border, providing all licenses related to exports to Iraq, Turkey, India.

Properties of orange salt

Orange salt is another type of different colors of rock salt. This salt has many properties and is used as food and industrial.

Orange color creates relaxation. For this reason, the use of decorative items made with orange salt can double this relaxation.

This salt can purify the air well and reduce lung problems. Also, orange salts can emit negative ions to eliminate the harmful waves of electronic devices.

Orange salt has a lot of iron, so it is used as a food source in addition to making decorative items.

This salt can eliminate anemia and increase the process of blood production in the body. Many people use this salt as a seasoning for their various dishes.

This type of colored salt can cause relaxation and improve the quality of sleep and help eliminate mental stress.

Iran orange salt

The difference between orange and red salt

Red salt is another type of colored salt that, in addition to its many similarities with orange salt, also has a few differences.

These two colored salts both have a lot of iron, with the difference that the iron in red salt is more.

Red salt is mostly used as food and seasoning. But orange rock salts are also used to make decorative items so that everyone can benefit from its healing properties.


It should be said that the taste of red salt is a bit sharper than orange salts

The orange color of salt causes relaxation and the red color of salt causes excitement. For this reason, the mental impact of lamps and lampshades made with these colors is different.

Iran orange salt

Supply of Iran orange salt

Orange salt is one of the most popular salts exported to various countries such as China, India, Russia and other European countries, and the amount of export of this salt is higher than that of red, pink and white salt.

After Pakistan, Iran has the most mines of colored salts, especially orange. It should be mentioned that most of the orange salt mines of Iran are located in Semnan province.

Iran orange salt

Due to the good price and quality of Iranian orange salts, the export of this salt to different countries is very good.

Iran’s factories remove all the impurities in orange salt and export it with very good quality.

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