Supplier of Iran red rock salt in jumbo bags

Iran red rock salt

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The largest supplier of Garmsar red salt in jumbo bags, red rock salt for supply and export to the markets of Turkey, India and Iraq, the possibility of supplying and packaging 1200 tons per month, delivery to the factory door and the edge of the border according to the customer’s order .

Where are the red rock salt mines?

Garmsar red salt mine is one of the most important mines that have red salt. This rock salt is a special type of salt that is found naturally in mines. But the red rock salt is much less than the white type, that’s why it is considered rare. Its rarity has made it more valuable than other salts. Garmsar red rock salt is considered to be one of the most popular rock salts in the world, and because it contains a large amount of iron, it is seen in red color.

Of course, there are many mines in the whole world that have this rock salt, but Iran and Pakistan have more of this rock salt than anywhere else. Garmsar red rock salt is found in Iran and the best red salt is found in Punjab state in Pakistan.

Iran red rock salt

Properties of Garmsar red salt

The benefits of Garmsar red rock salt are many, including its healing properties. Due to the high iron content in this rock salt, it is used as a food supplement. Using it as a cut or plate for cooking provides iron to the body and is very useful in treating anemia. Red salt strengthens hair follicles.

By mixing red salt in tea and massaging it on the scalp, hair is strengthened. Because red salt has a strong magnetic field, it can increase the positive energy in the environment and absorb the negative energy from the sore eyes. Garmsar red rock salt has a positive effect on health. Red salt has the highest concentration of minerals that are useful for the body. Another use of red rock salt is to use it in recreational or therapeutic places such as the salt room. Other properties of Garmsar red salt are soothing properties, pain relief and removal of toxins from the body.

Iran red rock salt

Export of Iran red rock salt

Iran red salt rock is of very high quality and this has caused the activity of Iranian businessmen. Many Asian and European countries are buyers of Garmsar red salt rock, and merchants have been able to import a lot of foreign currency through the export of red rock salt.

Iran red rock salt

Garmsar red salt mine is exported to other countries in addition to meeting domestic needs. What has led to the export of red salt is its many properties and uses, in addition to its color. About 5000 tons of red rock salt are exported abroad per month.

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