Purchase pink and blue rock salt from Iran

Iran rock salt

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Buy blue rock salt

Buying high-quality rock salt is one of the concerns of people who have decided to use a variety of mineral salts. Buying rock salt should be done from reputable centers to ensure the quality of your product. Blue rock salt is one of the most beneficial mineral salts for the body, which some people may not be familiar with.

To buy rock salt and its types, you will need to get information and knowledge about these products, in order to make the best purchase. Blue salt rock has two types of coarse grains (crystalline) or fine grains, which you can prepare according to your needs. These days many people are looking to exploit buyers to sell their products. Note that you must test the salt you want before buying.

Iran rock salt

Selling pink salt

Pink salt or Himalayan salt is one of the types of edible salt with many properties, which has a worldwide reputation. Buying pink rock salt these days has many fans and many people buy it due to the minerals found in this salt, including potassium, magnesium, calcium and sodium chloride. One of the reasons for its pink color is the presence of these minerals.

The sale of this type of salt has a competitive market due to its properties, which consists of different brands and stores. It is recommended to use pink rock salt in cooking and also in preserving food. It should be noted that pink rock salt is also used as a lampshade in home decorations because of its beautiful pink color.

Iran rock salt

Salt shop in Tehran

The city of Tehran, with its large size, has many and reliable stores for preparing and buying rock salt. If you need to buy all kinds of rock salt in Tehran, you can go to different markets, including the Grand Bazaar, which is very old.



Iran rock salt

It is important to state that you should buy rock salt from reputable stores to ensure its quality. Unfortunately, some people are abusing it by selling fake rock salts that have been shaped with paint. Using mineral salt has many benefits and after seeing it, you will definitely be one of its customers.

Source: Halito rock salt company

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