Purchase Iran pink salt directly from the factory

Iran pink salt

Purchase Iran pink salt directly from the factory, Persian salt, Iran salt, orange rock salt supplier, Iran rock salt factory, supply pink salt, orange salt, to Iraq, India and Georgia.

Buying Semnan pink salt directly from the factory, the largest pink salt mine in Iran, a factory producing pink salt in different sizes, shipping all over the country, monthly production of 850 tons of pink and orange salt, delivery in 25 kg and jumbo bags.

Iran pink salt

What is pink salt?

In Iran, Semnan pink salt is the most known type of pink salt, which is also sold as a souvenir of this city. Although these rock salts are colorless, they have pink streaks inside their crystals. The reason for this color is the amount and type of impurities in Semnan pink salt. Of course, be careful that impurity does not mean that this rock salt is harmful.

Rather, the meaning of impurity is the presence of salts and mineral elements in it, which increases the nutritional value of these salts. But the point that is important is why pink salt has special attention among people. The reason is that pink table salt has special properties for health. The potassium found in pink rock salt can be very useful in improving the quality of blood circulation and the way muscles and muscles work, as well as reducing nervous pressure.

Also, the calcium present in the Semnan pink salt rock is very useful in the growth and strengthening of the bones of the body and causes a resistant skeleton to be created in the body, which is highly resistant to fragility. Another component of Semnan pink salt is magnesium, which plays a useful role in maintaining teeth and relieving body muscle fatigue. Unlike the sea salts that exist in the oceans and seas, these salts take thousands of years to form. Pink salt is composed of sylonite, which is a potassium mineral that only occurs in natural salt rocks.

Iran pink salt

 Iran pink salt producer

To ensure protection against environmental influences, pink salt is kept in glass containers that keep the air inlets closed. Also, to store pink salt, you must ensure that this product is always kept in a dark and moisture-free environment so that it does not lose its special properties. This salt should not be kept near the gas stove or places that are exposed to direct heat. Because the amount of high heat causes the pink salt to lose its structure and change into a different shape, it is called lumping of salt.

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Iran pink salt

Pink salt is similar to normal salt in terms of chemical composition. This type of salt contains up to 98% sodium chloride, and the remaining percentage of salt is composed of rare minerals such as potassium, magnesium and calcium. These elements cause pink color to the salt.

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