Purchase cattle salt lick from Manufacturer

cattle salt lick

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Wholesale sale of livestock salt at the price of mine, powdered and crystalline salt for animal feed, one-handed white salt rock, streaked white rock salt at a very cheap price.

Livestock and poultry nutrition play an essential role in the health and quality of their growth. Are also used, the bulk sale of livestock salt rock at mine prices is done by this site.

cattle salt lick

Reasons for using rock salt for livestock

As you know, since ancient times, rock salt was used to feed livestock and poultry due to its beneficial salts and its positive effects and healing properties.

Today, research has proven the role of this nutrient in the prevention and treatment of gastrointestinal diseases of animals, and the reasons for using rock salt for livestock are not limited to these cases.
This natural substance, in addition to better absorption of amino acids in the animal’s body, also plays an essential role in regulating the fluids in the animal’s body, as well as strengthening the internal muscles, improving the function of the animal’s nervous and hormonal systems.



Existence of useful salts such as; Calcium, potassium, magnesium, copper, sodium, etc. in this useful substance, has caused livestock and poultry breeders to use this natural animal salt extensively.

In general, the inclusion of salt in the diet of farmed animals will lead to better weight gain and rapid growth, and will have a special effect on increasing the profitability of production centers.

cattle salt lick

Direct supply of cattle salt lick

The price and quality of animal salt are of particular importance to many major buyers of this substance, if for any reason, breeding centers remove this type of salt from the diet of animals, it may cause a lot of damage. To their cattle.
Deficiency of this substance, in addition to damaging the animal’s nervous and motor systems, causes weight loss, reduced fertility and even reduced milk and body fat of the animal and will not be economically viable for livestock and breeders.

The rock salt used for animal feed should be free of any iron or magnesium, as the presence of these two salts may cause certain poisoning to the animal.

cattle salt lick

Livestock salt supply centers offer this product in the form of rock salt, white lumps and molds. These special materials, in addition to extensive domestic sales, are also produced regularly and cut and enter foreign markets.

The direct supply of Halito animal salt, which is one of the best examples of this product, has been able to meet the needs of many consumers in this field.

Source: Halito rock salt company

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