Manufacturer of salt massage balls

salt massage balls

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The numerous properties of salt as a useful and functional mineral are not hidden from anyone. In this note, we take a look at massage rock salt and try to introduce this property from the set of salt rock properties.

Properties of rock salt for the skin

The contact of the heated massage stone with a gentle heat with the skin causes a very thin layer to separate from the surface of the stone and be absorbed by the skin. By absorbing salt into the skin, the softness and freshness of the skin is greatly increased and also the wrinkling of the skin due to aging is prevented. The contact of this mineral with the skin, along with other healing properties, brings beauty to your skin.

salt massage balls

Salt massage balls

Massage rock salt, which is sometimes cut and polished in the shape of a ball, can be suitable for massaging different parts of the body after being heated and heated to a balanced level. The salt massage ball, in addition to having the properties of salt, with its gentle heat that it stores, has a great contribution in relieving the pain of joints and muscle tissues.

Although the use of salt to relieve pain requires sufficient expertise and knowledge, but in personal and home use, you can use salt rock with a gentle heat to relieve pain. Many Iranians traditionally use a bag of table salt for this purpose, but massage rock salt is a better choice for this purpose.

salt massage balls

Salt therapy at home

As mentioned in the previous paragraph, salt therapy is one of the specialized fields of traditional medicine and therefore requires sufficient knowledge and understanding. Nevertheless, halotherapy (salt therapy) can still be done by individuals themselves at a basic and simple level. In this method, by warming the massage rock stone and contacting it with the organs of the body, while improving the position of the skin, you will pave the way for relaxation and reduce joint pain.

salt massage balls

How to use massage rock salt

There are several ways to use massage rock salt, but the best way is to warm it up. The physical properties of this body cause it to lose its heat gently and slowly after heating, so you can easily place it in the position and keep it in contact with the joints.

This constant contact, while transmitting the mineral properties of salt to the skin and organs, helps to take advantage of the soothing properties of the gentle heat.

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