Manufacturer of Persian salt lamp in globe and natural form

Persian salt lamp

Top Manufacturer of Persian salt lamp in globe and natural form, Salt bricks manufacturer, salt block and grill salt block.

Top manufacturer of stone salt lampshade and natural rock, buy major decorative salt stones, cheap verse stone bedside lamps, wooden base decorative salt stones, salt stone balls, pyramids and multi-faceted models at very exceptional prices.

The saltstone lampshade is made of a certain amount of saltstone, which the clearer it is, shows that it is purer and therefore more expensive. Salt stone lampshade is a modern lampshade that has its own beauty.

This type of lampshade is made of rock salt. The salt crystal has few minerals and its atomic structure is electrical. Due to the ionization ability of the salt crystal, it can change from crystalline to liquid and from liquid to crystalline, which causes the rock to be electrically charged.

Persian salt lamp

Properties of salt lamp

Salt stone lampshade, in addition to the beauty it gives to the house and room, has many properties. By producing negative ions, rock salt can eliminate the positive ions generated by the tablet, mobile, computer, and television waves, causing fatigue, increased stress, and decreased immune system, and purify the environment.

Decorative rock salts are moisture-friendly and absorb water molecules from the air, which causes them to absorb pollution, smoke and dust in the water vapor and clean and clean the surrounding air.

Salt rock bedside lamp promotes better breathing, purifies the air and improves sleep quality. This stone calms and reduces negative thoughts and increases energy.

Persian salt lamp

Manufacturer of Globe salt lamp

Decorative and cut rock salt has found a lot of fans today, which has been produced according to different tastes of various products. Spherical rock is spherical and has many fans because it is very attractive and beautiful, especially if it is on a wooden base, it is very eye-catching. The use of rock salt as a bedside lamp has a very beautiful effect.

Persian salt lamp

Purchase Persian salt lamp

Rock salt is available in different models. There are various sites for buying decorative salt stones that introduce any type of decorative salt stones to people at any price that can be viewed and ordered online. For people who have a rock salt workshop and their job is to cut rock salt and produce it, orders are done in bulk through the collection site.

Contact our experts to buy bulk decorative rock salt.

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