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industrial salt

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Producer of Garmsar coarse grain fishing salt, pea salt is produced and packed in 25 kg and 40 kg bags, the possibility of monthly supply up to 1500 tons, white salt completely one hand and one size.

Industrial salt production method

At one time, almost all salt used in commerce was produced by evaporating seawater, and sea salt is still a staple in many countries, especially in places with dry climates and long summers. Commercial salt is produced from rock salt mines as well as from sea water and other natural and artificial salt water. But the production of fishing salt is done from rock salt.

The difference between the salt extracted from the mine and the sea is that the salt obtained from mineral salt rock has a higher purity. Most artificial salt water is obtained by pumping water into underground salt beds. A significant amount of this salt water is used in industrialized countries directly after extraction.

Depending on the depth and thickness of sediments and local conditions, rock salt beds are dug and extracted in the usual ways. The mined rock salt is sometimes dissolved in water and industrial salt is produced by refining the salt water. If the rock salt is of sufficient purity, it is sold directly to the market without processing.

industrial salt

What is industrial salt big size?

Fishery salt is salt in dimensions between 3 and 5 mm. This type of salt is mostly used in the fisheries and disinfection industries, and that is the reason for its name. Other industries that use fishing salt:

  • Cheese factories
  • water refinery
  • Olive production
  • and so on.

In the fishing industry, this salt is used to regulate the osmosis of farmed marine fish. Also, fishing salt is used to transport live fish to prevent the waste of fish energy to regulate water and electrolytes in its body. Placing marine fish in fresh water causes the death of the fish due to the sudden entry of water into the fish body and disrupting the osmotic balance of the body.

During the transportation of fish, even in non-living form, salt helps to prevent spoilage due to its antibacterial properties. Therefore, it is used not only in the fishing industry, but also in many food preservation and disinfection.

industrial salt

Wholesale sale of fishing salt

Fishery salt, which is also known as pea salt (because of its size), is sold in bulk and in high weights by Halito salt rock collection. These salts are marketed with different granularity.

industrial salt

For bulk order and export of this product with jumbo bag packaging, contact us.

Source: Halito rock salt company

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