Manufacturer and exporter of cow salt block

cow salt block

Manufacturer and exporter of cow salt block in cheap price, export salt block for cattle to Georgia and Qatar.

Manufacturer and exporter of cow salt and rock salt, sending salt for livestock and beef feed in 25 kg bags, powdered and sugar salt, cut and bulk salt rock, export of rock salt to Qatar.

Salt rock is one of the most widely used types of rocks that many mines of this type of rock are available in Iran and Iran, as a leading exporter, is known in the field of export of this type of ore worldwide. Cow salt is called rock salt, which is processed, made and processed and sold to farms. In order to produce cow salt, a number of principles must be observed, which if not followed by these principles, can lead to irreparable damage to farms. In this article, we will try to introduce you to this type of rock salt and provide explanations about the features and characteristics of this type of rock rock. Stay with us.

cow salt block

Cause of salt poisoning

Rock salts produced and processed as animal feed salts must be free of any harmful elements and minerals to the animal’s body. For example, elements and minerals such as lead are among the elements that are very dangerous and may endanger the health of cattle and animals in general. Therefore, before selling rock salts, these rock salts should be processed for livestock feed and their dangerous elements should be taken so that cows are not poisoned.

cow salt block

Which salt is suitable for pregnant cows?

In general, untreated salts may contain hazardous elements and minerals that endanger the health of cows. Therefore, in order to maintain the health of cows, these cows should be given salts that are completely safe from their production process and are free of any elements that are dangerous to the health of cows. In the case of pregnant cows, this sensitivity will be doubled. Because if you use salts contaminated with dangerous elements, the calf may get sick and even in acute cases cause the death of the calf.

cow salt block

Wholesale cow salt block

There are many manufacturers and companies in the country that produce and sell cow salt, and in this way, supply the salt needed by farms. The higher the quality of their products, and the more reasonable and cheaper prices they put on their products in bulk sales, the more customers they will find in the country and the profit from sales. These products will be more for them.

Halito salt rock complex is the largest producer and supplier of rock salt and livestock salt in Iran.

Source: Halito rock salt company

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