Major Wholesaler of Persian salt lamp in Iran

Persian salt lamp

Major Wholesaler of Persian salt lamp in Iran, Persian salt lamp benefits, Halito rock salt Group is a biggest manufacturer of salt lamp in Iran.

Major seller of decorative salt stones in Mashhad, salt stone balls in 3 different sizes with very exceptional prices, all kinds of cut salt stones with wooden bases, pyramid, cube and polygon salt bedside lamps with the most accurate type of cut.

Benefits of Persian salt lamps

Rock salt is known as the first disinfectant in history and that is why its use in traditional medicine has been common since ancient times. Mashhad rock salt is one of the best rock salts that is used in the treatment of many diseases.

It is due to these therapeutic properties that the use of decorative rock salt has become very popular and today there are few places where this type of rock salt has not been used.

Among the benefits of decorative rock salt, we can mention the presence of negative ions in it and the diffusion of ions in the environment, which can be effective in creating a fresh environment and remove any stress and anxiety from humans. In addition, the presence of such ions in decorative rock salt improves the respiratory status and can be introduced as an effective treatment for people with respiratory diseases. Note, however, that these ions are released from rock salt when exposed to direct light.

Persian salt lamp

The use of salt bricks in the construction of salt rooms

The healing properties of salt bricks are similar to those of rock salt, which is why they are used in the design of salt rooms. In fact, the use of salt bricks in the salt room cleans the ambient air and can eliminate any stress.

In addition, the fact that many people use the salt room to treat their lung and respiratory diseases, the use of this type of salt can help better treat such people.

Persian salt lamp

Wholesale of Persian salt lamp

Mashhad rock salt is one of the best types of rock salt in the Iranian market. It is interesting to know that this type of rock salt is exported to many countries in the world as one of the best rock salts.

Persian salt lamp

Mashhad salt rock, in addition to being processed as edible salt, is also used as a decorative salt rock and can be used to make a variety of decorative salt rocks such as illuminated rock salt. To prepare Mashhad rock salt in bulk, you can buy directly or indirectly.

Source: Halito rock salt Group

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