Major production and sale of persian salt lamp

persian salt lamp

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The effect of rock salt in Feng Shui

Today, the use of decorative rock salt has increased significantly due to its unique properties. Also, it can be said that using rock salt in Feng Shui is very effective and they use it as a kind of energy balancer. In fact, experts in this field have stated that rock salt has high energy so that it can purify the air of the surrounding environment and, in other words, remove negative waves from that environment.

The effect of decorative rock salt in feng shui can be expressed in such a way that when the lamp inside the rock salt is turned on due to the heat generated, negative ions are attracted to the rock salt and on the other hand, positive ions enter the environment. . In fact, this work, which is a kind of air purification, can help create a calm environment away from tension and stress.

persian salt lamp

Rock salt and Wi-Fi waves

There are many discussions about decorative salt rock and its connection with Wi-Fi. Today, Wi-Fi has become one of the most used devices in our lives and it is almost impossible to remove it from our lives. But this device can have disadvantages along with its advantages. One of these disadvantages is the presence of electromagnetic waves. Experts have done a lot of research in this field. To the extent that most of them believe that these waves are harmful and have proven their negative impact on health.

Decorative rock salt can be one of the suitable tools to deal with Wi-Fi waves. In fact, the use of decorative rock salts in the home or work environment, in addition to creating a beautiful environment, can be effective in warding off Wi-Fi risks. By receiving negative waves and emitting positive waves in the environment, these rock salts can eliminate the negative effects of Wi-Fi and be effective in preventing disease.

persian salt lamp

Wholesale of persian salt lamp

Decorative salt is one of the products that has found its own fans in recent years. Even a significant share of these stones is assigned to the export sector every year. To prepare this type of rock salt, you can refer to its wholesale centers. The thing about these centers is that their number has increased significantly in recent years. Therefore, it is necessary to be careful in your choice to choose the best center.

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persian salt lamp

Halito salt stone collection is the largest producer of decorative salt stone in Iran.

Source: Halito rock salt group

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