Major producer of pink and white salt powder

salt powder

Major producer of pink and white salt powder, in 25 kg bags, biggest manufacturer od unrefined salt in Iran, located at semnan Garmsar.

The major producer of pink and white salt powder, the wholesale sale of crystal salt, the production of rock salt soap, the market for the sale and export of blue crystal salt, contact for the bulk purchase of all types of powdered salt.

Introducing pink salt powder

Pink salt powder? You must have been surprised to hear this name, because until now you had the impression that salt exists only in white color. What will be your reaction if you know that salt is also available in orange and blue colors? If you are among the people who have heard the name of pink salt powder for the first time; Join us to introduce the properties of this amazing salt.

Pink salt powder is one of the types of edible salt that is extracted from salt mines in Punjab, Pakistan. Unlike other edible salts, such as blue salt and orange salt, which exist in the salt production hub of the world, Semnan province; This salt does not exist in our country and is imported from neighboring countries. According to some doctors, pink Himalayan rock salt; It is one of the purest salts available. Not only is pink salt not called white poison, unlike its white friend; But it has many benefits and healing properties for the body. Many people use this salt powder as a medicine and painkiller to relieve their pain. According to the claim of some doctors, this salt contains 84 substances and rare minerals.

Pink salt powder has less sodium than white salts, also this type of salt prevents blood coagulation in the body. Because of this feature, many people use this type of salt to flavor their food. This type of salt strengthens the bones of the body; For this reason, people who have arthritis or are at risk of getting this disease can use this type of salt.

salt powder

Buy colorful blue salt

If you are a fan of blue salt, you definitely know that you can buy colorful blue salt from attars and reputable online stores; It goes without saying that this type of salt is one of the scarce salts in the country. Due to the countless benefits that water salts have, it is the choice of many housewives to flavor food.

salt powder

Application of white salt powder

It may be interesting for you to know that white salt powder is not only used for household purposes; This salt powder is used in various industries such as plastic production, paper production, agricultural uses, etc. This type of salt is also used for snow defrosting, water conditioning, etc.

salt powder

Call for wholesale purchase of powdered salt.

Source: Halito rock salt company

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