Jahrom transparent halite rock salt, 75 tons per month

halite rock salt

Jahrom transparent halite rock salt, 75 tons per month, Where to buy rock salt, most rare rock salt in the world, purity 99.8 %.

75 tons of Jahrom transparent crystal salt per month, Jahrom salt is the purest type of rock salt in the whole world, crystal heart salt at a very reasonable price, wholesale and retail, export in 25 kg bags.

Introduction of halite rock salt

Heart of salt or transparent rock salt refers to small and crystalline salt particles. This salt mainly comes from lakes that have salty water and seas that have dried up millions of years ago and are located in the heart of mountains, and it is also known as halite and natural sodium chloride.

Heart of salt is usually seen in white or colorless color. But according to the mineral salts that are present in it, it may be seen in pink, red, purple, orange, yellow, light blue, dark blue or gray colors.

This salt is created by the evaporation of sea or lake water and is seen as transparent and white. Salts contain large amounts of minerals, which include copper, zinc, iron and manganese. Also, due to the presence of these minerals in this salt, it is used in traditional medicine to strengthen eyesight, treat colds and coughs, and improve digestion.

Edible salt, or the salt related to salt domes, is the best type of salt for daily consumption. This type of salt is one of the purest types of mineral salt, which looks similar to ordinary salt. But unlike normal salt, it not only does not increase blood pressure but also controls it. And also its minerals are useful for the health of the body.

 halite rock salt

Properties of rock salt

Del Namak can be considered the most natural salt that is formed without environmental pollution and chemicals. This salt has had many uses for humans since the past. Its use not only removes physical diseases from the body, but also ensures mental health. This salt contains high amounts of calcium, natural iodine and potassium and is available in medical centers and pharmacies in the form of powder or tablets. Among the other properties of salt, we can mention strengthening the body’s immune system, increasing and strengthening metabolism, treating sore throat, relieving muscle cramps and helping digestion.

 halite rock salt

Wholesale of halite rock salt

Crystal heart salt is one of the most beautiful and best rock salts. This salt has a good buying and selling market due to its transparency and crystal. This stone has many advantages and uses. Therefore, it is very important for many industries such as decorative products manufacturing industries to provide crystal salt rock at a reasonable and cheap price and high quality.

halite rock salt

In order for different pharmaceutical industries and cosmetic companies to produce their products with quality and sell them to the market, they try to buy the best crystalline rock salt.

Source: Halito rock salt Group

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