Iran salt factory and mine located in Garmsar

Iran salt factory

Iran salt factory and mine located in Garmsar, edible refined salt, iodine salt or uniodine, persian blue salt, red rock salt, orange rock salt, supply to India, turkey, Iraq.

Garmsar salt mine and factory, major producer of Garmsar pink salt, cheap industrial and livestock salt, monthly supply of blue salt with the possibility of exporting with relevant licenses.

Semnan and Garmsar salt mines

The existence of salt domes in the world has always attracted the attention of geologists, geographers, geomorphologists and mining engineers. According to the information of reliable scientific sources, Iran has the best salt domes in the world, among the salt domes and salt mines in Iran, Semnan and Garmsar salt mines are among the best of these mines and salt domes. Garmsar salt stone, which has gained a high reputation.

It is extracted from the salt mines of Semnan and Garmsar and is of special interest due to its high purity of 98% sodium and chloride. 50 km south of Semnan province, we see more than 40 salt domes, which have great value in terms of economy, tourism, mining, storage of valuable energy such as oil, geomorphology and geography.

The salt domes of Semnan and Garmsar region are over 100 meters high and are very old. On the other hand, the stones of these salt domes are made of marl sands and have created the best salt domes in the Middle East and one of the best in the world. .

Iran salt factory

Types of Garmsar rock salt

Garmsar salt rock is available in different types of edible, decorative, industrial and hardness. Garmsar salt stone is mostly found in white, pink and light brown, blue, red and orange colors. These rock salts are used as animal and poultry feed, production of medicine and cosmetics, salt therapy, drilling mud, etc.

Another type of division is salt division based on mesh. As you know, Garmsar rock salt is transported to salt factories after extraction and produced in various sizes. Fishing sizes

  •  peas
  • not 100
  • not 110
  • not 120
  • Salt with 90 and 130 mesh
  • Powdered salt
  • Powdered industrial salt
  • Refined edible iodized salt

There are some types of salt produced from Garmsar rock salt

Iran salt factory

Salt rocks themselves also have different divisions, such as:

  • Livestock rock salt
  •  Hard rock salt
  •  Edible rock salt
  •  Decorative rock salt
  • Rock salt crystal
  • Molded rock salt in different shapes and sizes
  • Veined rock salts
  • Orange rock salt
  • Red rock salt

Edible rock salt

Edible salts may differ from each other in characteristics such as geographical origin, preparation method, natural impurities, additives, flavors or processing method. Edible rock salt may be prepared from salt mountains or salt lakes, salt prepared from mountains, domes and salt mines is far better than salt prepared from salt lakes.

Garmsar rock salt is considered the best type of edible salt if processed in edible salt factories. Because this salt has a much higher purity than the salts produced from salt lakes or other salt domes, so that some Garmsar salt mines have a purity of 99%, while the purity of sea salts in the best The state is 95%. Garmsar rock salt is taken to production factories after extraction from mines, and elements such as potassium iodate and invert sugar are added to it after the purification process.

Iodine or potassium iodate or potassium iodide is added to table salt to prevent hypothyroidism, inverted sugar that contains equal amounts of glucose and fructose and prevents yellowing of salt and evaporation of iodine. Garmsar rock salt is usually used in cooking and as a seasoning. Iodized rock salt significantly reduces iodine deficiency disorders; Therefore, iodized table salt is used to prevent the reduction of thyroid hormones (hypothyroidism).

Sodium is one of the primary electrolytes in the body. All three electrolytes (sodium, potassium and calcium) are present in unrefined salt and like other vital minerals, they are needed for the optimal functioning of the body. Too much or too little salt in the diet can lead to muscle cramps, dizziness or even electrolyte disturbances, which can cause severe and even fatal problems and neurological diseases. Salt is even sometimes used as a health aid to treat certain ailments such as dystonia. It should be noted that Garmsar rock salt is rich in these mentioned elements.

Iran salt factory

Rock salt for water purification

The use of Garmsar rock salt as a hardening agent is common in various industries, and this rock salt is one of the main components of a resin hardening device.

In such a way that the recovery of the salt causes the recovery of the stuck hard resin and gives the device the possibility to continue its activity again.

It should be noted that hard water causes many problems in industrial applications. Please note that the term hard water is used when the water contains heavy salts such as calcium and magnesium. The hardness of water can be observed in both temporary and permanent ways. By boiling water, some hard salts are precipitated, but hardness Water caused by calcium and magnesium has not disappeared and causes industrial problems.

In order to solve these problems, a resin hardening device has been invented, which stops working after continuous ion exchanges, and hardener salt is used to reuse the device. If there was no hardening salt, industrial problems would remain stable and in Many times, large budgets had to be spent on this problem. For example, in the ion exchange that occurred with the sodium resin of the hardening device and the elements of calcium and magnesium in hard water, the devices are gradually disabled, which must be revived to restart the resin hardening device. This is done by a thick solution of water and hardening salt or boiler salt (resin regeneration salt). Garmsar rock salt with 99.5% purity is recognized by the Halito salt rock collection as the best hardness salt.

And the advantages of using high-quality Garmsar rock salt as hardening salt:

In this operation, the life of the resin increases, in other words, the resin washed with sodium chloride or salt detergent solution regains its properties. After the end of the resin regeneration operation, pure water enters the device to remove salt, and after leaving the device, this water is used for purposes such as drinking water purification, deionization systems, wastewater treatment, feeding boilers, heat exchanger reactors, osmosis. reverse etc. are used.

In order to prepare the hardening solution, you need to know that 0.25 kg of salt is required for each liter of resin, which is prepared and used as a 10% salt water solution.

Iran salt factory

Export of industrial salt

The export of industrial salt is a priority for the development of the country’s economy. Because in today’s economic conditions, export and import are important and vital for the economic prosperity of any country.

Iran, having many mines and having 68 types of minerals, ranks 15th in terms of diversity of mineral reserves. Therefore, industrial salt extracted from Garmsar salt mines is exported to various European and Asian countries.

Iran salt factory

Edible salt factory

In the table salt production factory, iodized table salt is produced with the highest purity through recrystallization. Garmsar edible rock salt with names such as edible salt, rock salt, granulated salt, health salt, iodized salt, packing salt, natural salt, organic salt, etc. is produced and offered in the domestic and international markets. .

In general, table salt is one of the essential ingredients in the kitchen and also the main electrolyte of the body in intracellular and extracellular fluids.

Due to the ever-increasing increase in salt as well as the increase in its uses, with additional research conducted by experts and doctors, industrial salts, rock salt, edible salt, granulated salt, etc., are known as substances with thousands of uses.

The form of table salt is in the form of cubic crystals or in the form of small white grains. The structure of Garmsar salt rock has been examined by X-ray and it has been proven that this mineral takes different forms in different states, for example, the solid state is in the form of ions and has an octahedral cubic structure.

It is better to know that all table salt crystals obtained from Garmsar salt rock have a high melting and boiling point.

Iran salt factory

Iran salt export market

According to experts in the field of export and trade of the salt industry, it has been mentioned that during the last 10 years, the sales market of Garmsar salt rock has grown significantly.

But unfortunately, this growth has not been to such an extent that the export and trade of these valuable minerals of the city of Garmsar has a significant presence in the global export field with all its capabilities.

Several factors are involved in the decline of Iran’s salt export market, especially Garmsar rock salt, including the fact that the country’s ports are not ready for salt export. Today, the Netherlands has a strong presence in the UAE salt market, while in previous years, Iran, due to Due to its short distance compared to the Netherlands, it has had a more colorful presence in the field of rock and salt export.

According to the available reports on the export market of Garmsar salt rock and in general the export market of Iranian salt in recent years, it can be said that it has suffered a decline compared to previous years.

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Iran salt factory

Garmsar rock salt export

Due to the purity and high quality of Garmsar rock salt, this salt has received special attention and many countries want to import this salt to their country. In recent years, the export to Iraq is considered as the main pillar of the export market of Garmsar salt rock, one of Iran’s mineral products.

Of course, it should be noted that from an economic point of view, any mineral, whether Garmsar rock salt or any other type of mineral that can be supplied in the market, should be exported.

Iran salt factory

The main point here is that sometimes it has been seen that due to the weaknesses in the technology, the quality of the manufactured products is low and there is no advantage in exporting them to other countries. It is hoped that by increasing the equipment and updating the existing technologies in salt extraction and technology, we will be able to export more of this valuable substance and reduce the country’s dependence on oil. The presence of salt domes and salt mines in Garmsar and Semnan gives Iran the ability to take over the world’s salt market, but unfortunately, due to the weakness of management systems and the lack of advanced facilities, we have not been able to reach this point despite having many capabilities.

Source: Halito rock salt Group

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