Export of Iran red salt to Iraq in jumbo bags

Iran red salt

Export of Iran red salt to Iraq in jumbo bags, red rock salt, orange rock salt, pink rock salt, manufacturer of salt located in garmsar semnan.

Export of Iranian red salt to Iraq with jumbo bags, red rock salt in weights of 10 to 30 kg, the possibility of delivering the order to the border in cleared form, monthly supply capacity of 850 tons.

Properties of red salt

Red salt is one of the most popular salts, which is also sold as a powder for seasoning meat, chicken and fish. Himalayan red salt, Iranian red salt and salt obtained from Hawaiian volcanoes; They are the best red salt in the world.

In addition to sodium and chlorine ions, these salts have other elements that increase their properties. Iron oxide is one of the important components of this type of salt, which helps to cure anemia. Also, this salt has a high disinfecting effect and can be used to prepare soaps. Washing the face with this type of salt can cure facial acne and deeply cleanse the skin.

Decorations produced by red rock salt, in addition to being beautiful, spread positive energy in the environment. Placing decorative salt stones such as lampshades and lamps in the south, southwest and center of the house can have a greater effect.

Do people with insomnia have disturbed dreams? It is better to prepare a red salt rock lamp or lamp and place it above your head; With this, the quality of their sleep increases significantly.

Iran red salt

 Iran rock salt export market

Iran is one of the countries that has many salt mines. Qeshm, Jahorm, Bushehr, Semnan and Garmsar are among the cities that have high-quality salt mountains and high-quality salts can be extracted from them. Due to the presence of quality salt mines, Iran can become one of the salt exporters in the world. Currently, the largest share of exported salt is unprocessed rock salt.

If Iranian businessmen and investors invest in rock salt processing; Iran can become a big market for the export of processed rock salt and bring a lot of foreign currency into the country. Iran’s blue rock salt and red rock salt are among export salts that can be exported at a better price with better packaging.

Iran red salt

 Iran red salt factory

Iran Red Salt Factory extracts red rock salt from Garmsar salt mines using advanced machines and transports it to the factory for purification and processing. From these rock salts, they produce food seasoning, food board and all kinds of decorations.

Iran red salt

Buying red salt from the factory can be very economical because the purchase is done without intermediaries and the buyer and seller get more fuel.

Source: Halito rock salt company

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