Export of iodized salt to Georgia with Certificate

Export of iodized salt

Export of iodized salt to Georgia with Certificate, Export of iodized salt to china, supply iodine salt to Armenia, Iraq, Afghanistan.

Exporting iodized salt to Georgia with a health permit, in 25 kg laminated bags, iodine for the Georgian market, providing the relevant license to leave the border, as easily as possible, ready to deliver 500 tons of iodized salt every month.

Exporting salt is one of the most important human businesses from the past to the present day. Many businesses that existed in the past have become obsolete due to the changing lifestyles of today’s humans. But salt is one of the materials whose trade history goes back thousands of years. Nowadays, with the development of technology and the change of lifestyle, the human need for salt has not decreased. Rather, in some cases, we see an increase in the need for salt. Today, salt is exported in different countries of the world and many industries need this important mineral.

Export of iodized salt

History of salt in Iran

Exporting salt is one of the important activities of Iranian businessmen in the past and present. Iran is one of the oldest and best producers and exporters of salt in the world. The history of salt in Iran is long. The extraction and use of salt in Iran goes back thousands of years. As far as the Achaemenid era, salt extraction has been done extensively.

This can be deduced from the bodies of several thousand salt men that were discovered in the Cheharabad mine in Zanjan. These men were extracting salt when the mine collapsed. After this period, salt has always been harvested from this mine. Iranian merchants usually exported salt to various neighboring countries of Iran.

Export of iodized salt

 Introduction of mineral salts

Salt is exported from different types of Iranian salt. In Iran, in addition to common salt, you can see some other types of mineral salts. Some of these salts are unique in the world. Among the most important of them, the following can be mentioned:

  • Blue salt: It is a type of mineral salt that has a blue color due to its potassium content. In addition to its great taste, this salt has many healing properties. Among them, we can mention blood pressure control, anti-stress, increasing body immunity and helping oral and dental hygiene.
  • Pink salt : This salt is also known as Himalayan salt. Regular consumption of this salt helps detoxify the body, lowers blood pressure, and speeds up digestion.
  • Crystal salt: It is one of the types of mineral and unrefined salt that is available in the form of crystal pieces. This rock salt has edible, therapeutic and decorative uses.

Export of iodized salt

Export of iodized salt to Georgia

Exporting iodized salt to Georgia is one of the important activities of Halito Group. In this specialized collection, relying on the richest salt mines of Iran, we export the best type of Iranian iodized salt to Georgia. You can contact us for buying and selling or exporting different samples of salt, including iodized salt.

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Export of iodized salt

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