Export of iodized edible salt to Georgia

iodized edible salt

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Iran’s salt export market

Salt mines are located in some countries of the world. Countries with these mines, by exporting salt to countries that do not have salt mines or the necessary equipment to exploit them, can meet the industrial, food and livestock needs of salt all over the world. Iran ranks eighth in the variety of salt mines in the world, but its share in salt exports is less than 0.3%. Most of Iran’s salt reserves are located in the cities of Urmia, Semnan, Garmsar, and Qom. At present, most salt is harvested and exported in the city of Garmsar.

Salt is exported for various purposes, such as tanning salt, livestock and poultry salt, drilling salt, washing salt, snow removal salt, sea salt, acidizing salt, sea salt, rock salt, industrial salt and table salt. The biggest export market of Iran’s salt is Iraq, India, Russia, Armenia and some African and European countries. Currently, most of the exported salt in Iran is rock salt.

iodized edible salt

Edible salt factory

Edible salt has a special place in salt export, edible salt factories turn raw salt into edible salt during a process. This process includes the following steps:

  • The rock salt is crushed and poured into the water so that the salt is completely dissolved in the water and saturated again.
  • In this step, which is called salt purification, salt impurities such as calcium and magnesium are separated using special materials.
  • The salt is filtered to remove particles smaller than 30 microns.
  • The saturated salt solution is evaporated to form pure salt crystals.
  • The salt crystals are dried and ready for packaging.

iodized edible salt

 Export of salt to Iraq

One of the suitable markets for Iran’s salt export is Iraq. Exported salts from Iran enter Iraq in two forms, edible and industrial. Iran’s industrial salt is used in construction projects, sanitary materials and detergents. It should be noted that in recent years, China’s expansion of its influence in Iraq has caused Iran’s export market to become less prosperous.

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iodized edible salt

Finally, it should be said that the export of salt in Iran is prosperous due to the presence of salt mines, but there are still many capacities for its expansion. Iran can improve its export position in this field by improving the quality of salt packaging and improving the capacity of ports.

Source: Halito rock salt Group

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