Export of bulk white rock salt to Georgia

white rock salt

Export of bulk white rock salt to Georgia, rock salt for cattle, dairy, goats, possible rock salt in bulk or in bag, monthly 3500 tons.

Export of bulk white rock salt to Georgia, packaging of white rock salt in 1-ton jumbo bags, possibility of packing rock salt in 20 kg bags, edible, livestock and industrial white rock salt, possibility of border delivery.

Acquaintance with edible rock salt

Among the types of salt, white rock salt is the most natural type. This salt is free of any chemical elements and does not cause environmental pollution. This precious stone is rich in rare elements that are essential for the body.

These elements include copper, potassium, magnesium, zinc, calcium, etc. White rock salt can be made in different forms and sent to the market. For example, it can be used in powder form to make pills and supplements, and in liquid form in pharmaceutical detergents.

The use of edible rock salt is important because they do not apply purification steps in the preparation process of this valuable mineral. As a result, the completely organic product reaches the consumer.

From the past until now, in traditional medicine, edible white rock salt is known as the best type of salt. This salt is effective in improving intestinal function, preventing osteoporosis, heart health, treating depression, improving respiratory disorders, improving appetite, and even preventing cancer.

white rock salt

Application of rock salt in industry

The use of rock salt has gone so far that it has become one of the most widely used resources in the industry. Salt is used in various industries, including the oil industry (to increase mud and soil density) and in the pharmaceutical sector (making capsules and saline solutions). But in general, a large percentage of it is consumed in the medical and pharmaceutical sector.

About 70% of salt is used in transportation and road safety. More than half of all chemical products (such as the production of paint, paper, glass, plastic, etc.) use salt as the main ingredient in the production of their products.

Rock salt is also involved in the cosmetic industry and has many uses.

white rock salt

Wholesale of white rock salt

Due to the special position and great diversity of this wholesale white salt rock product, it has attracted the attention of the applicants and it can be offered and sold according to the customer’s opinion. Every year, the amount of sales of this product has been added, this is due to the increase in the advertisement of people regarding the unique properties of rock salt.

white rock salt

The sale of white rock salt in person and on the Internet can be easily done and is available to buyers.

Source: Halito rock salt comapny

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