Biggest supplier of Rock salt for cows

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Rock salt for cows

Biggest supplier of Rock salt for cows, loose salt for cattle, rock salt for animals, cattle salt licks for sale.

Properties of rock salt for livestock

The use of rock salt in livestock diets has been proven and all over the world, rock salt is used on a daily and regular basis to keep livestock and livestock cows.

Of course, different types of concentrates, which contain different proteins, are also prepared for this purpose in animal feed factories. The presence of these nutrients is also necessary, but it is not possible to remove salt in any way.

Of course, in addition to rock salt, salt can also be used in animal feed, the most famous type of which is powdered salt, which is also referred to as powdered rock salt.

Powdered rock salt, rock salt powder or powdered salt is prepared in 25 kg and 40 kg laminated bags and the reason for using the laminated bag is to prevent moisture from entering, which is very sensitive for powdered salt.

Rock salt for cows

The price of raw rock salt

Raw rock salt has many applications in various industrial, decorative and food fields. For example, rock salt is used for many fish ponds because it causes salinity of water, which is very much needed by fish and marine animals in general. have.

On the other hand, raw rock salt is the raw material for all salt rock production workshops and it is very important to choose the type of rock salt. For this purpose, we offer you white rock salt, which is icy and completely unrivaled in terms of quality. Is.

On the other hand, orange and red rock salt is also very popular for the production of decorative rock salt, but its colorful sample should be selected for this purpose, which you can buy the highest quality type of orange rock salt through Halito rock salt company.

Purchase from Halito rock salt company

Garmsar rock salt due to its very high quality has been able to have an important position in the domestic and foreign markets, so buyers of salt rock inside and outside Iran have a great desire to buy this product.

Of course, it should be noted that the variety of rock salt and different mines has caused salt rock with different qualities in the rock salt market, so before ordering, you can contact our partners and get a free consultation.


To order the purchase of rock salt and direct loading from the mine, contact

Rock salt for cows

Price per ton of rock salt

The price of each ton of rock salt varies according to the type of use and the amount of order, and the exact number can never be mentioned, but in general, for orders of 15 tons and above and for 3 frequently used salt rock, for more information, the price of rock salt is listed. You can also visit the page below to know the daily price of rock salt.

Rock salt for cows


Contact us for the daily price of rock salt

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