Unrefined salt size 3 mil fine grain industrial salt factory

industrial salt factory

Unrefined salt size 3 mil fine grain industrial salt factory, in 25 kg bag, 40 kg bag or jumbo bag, according to customer request.

Oyster salt, fine grain salt, industrial iodine-free salt, since fine grain salt has a very limited production and is in high demand due to its similarity to edible salt, therefore, respected buyers should always call for purchase orders before the inventory runs out.

Introduction to salt size .3 mil

Salts are processed in different sizes. One of the types of salt that has the smallest size after powdered salt is seashell salt. This type of salt is also known as pearl salt due to its soft and transparent, crystalline and white structure and its appearance similar to pearls. This salt is also called salt Food is similar.

Pearl salt is a type of mineral salt and is extracted from salt mines. This salt has many uses in different industries. This salt is used in tanning industry, leather making, acid making, dairy production, food salt preparation and drinking water purification. In fact, oyster salt is one of the most important and essential elements in Various industries are considered.

industrial salt factory

Grain salt producer

Although pearl salt is not a type of edible salt, it is used in various industries to produce edible ingredients. Oyster salt has the highest amount of purity compared to other types of salt. So that the purity of this salt is estimated to be 99% and it is considered one of the highest quality types of salt.

The many similarities between pearl salt and table salt have made some profiteers sell table salt as pearl salt. So, to buy this type of salt, you must be careful enough. But where are the oyster salt mines located? The best quality seashell salt in Iran is extracted from salt mines in Semnan province and Garmsar city.

This type of salt is processed in salt factories and then it will be ready for use.

industrial salt factory

Iran industrial salt factory

Because of its many salt mines, Iran is one of the most important exporters of edible and industrial salt. The quality of the types of salt extracted from Iran’s salt mines is unique. This issue has made the salt of Iran’s mines to have many fans all over the world. So that

Today, all kinds of industrial and edible salt are exported from Iran to different countries.

industrial salt factory

Armenia is one of the countries that buys oyster salt and other types of salt from Garmsar mines in Iran every year. As we said, pearl salt is one of the most valuable types of salt and is used in various industries of this country.

Source: Halito rock salt company

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